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71 days since my last soda. An 8 week ‘meltdown’ to transition into a Keto diet. One mini-vacation JLINDAUE 31 ZRIE014
6/20/18 12:53 A
Have anyone tried Fasting _KANDY 9 MJ7DM33
6/19/18 10:18 P
6/19/18 9:10 P
Started one week ago and I've lost only 2 pounds but Im seeing a difference in the way I feel and lo PHIACATS 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/19/18 5:00 P
Progress is being made...slowly. I don't normally feel comfortable posting these kinds of pictures, MISHAMOOR 36 LUNA_IS_MY_HERO
6/19/18 3:40 P
Good morning sparkers Day 176 and still sugar free. I hit another plateau. But I lost 15 inches off STEEPERSLOUNGE 22 MPLSKEN
6/19/18 11:09 P
Today:Treadmill gym 64 min 883 kcal. Hip adduction 11:47 min 97 kcal. ISNESS 6 TMP0418
6/19/18 6:28 A
Ground Turkey taco with carrot salsa! NEUROSTEPH17 7 HELLOHOLLY76
6/18/18 7:58 P
Ok so this is totally embarrassing to me but I’m posting for accountability. No judgements here righ ILOVEP17 239 DGARLITZ14
6/19/18 8:06 P
After 41 hours of labor my beautiful Ava Lillyann has made it into the world. We are both fine just MELB1287 179 JOYWILLIAMS53
6/17/18 8:52 A
Last night I was walking up some stairs outside and fell. I hurt my fingers on my right hand and bot ANNKRAN 5 K1TT3N
6/16/18 8:01 P
I am courageously attacking my goals. #unafraid MRS_KAS 10 PELESJEWEL
6/16/18 7:41 P
I’ve lost 65 pounds since this time last year. I’m actually back to Me. Normal me. (Thought I would STCLAIREA 6 GEORGE815
6/15/18 6:23 P
Ice Tea and Kettle Corn! MICKEYCLAUS 39 PWILLOW1
6/15/18 9:22 P
#TheStruggle It's not that I hate skinny people. I don't hate anyone. But I've had those days when J55253 3 NOMORECLOUDYDAY
6/15/18 1:56 P
If we keep this stray I figure I’m about four kittens short of Crazy Cat Lady. NEEDBU66 69 PWILLOW1
6/15/18 9:35 P
Getting to the gym every Day. When you finally start putting yourself first RHALL8 15 YMWONG22
6/15/18 11:13 A
Just got done with an hour long hike on the trail trying to make up for bad food choices today. Does JONESKE1989 10 ANNIEANNYANNEE
6/14/18 10:56 P
As some of you might know, biking has become "MY THING". I have waited a long time for me to get jaz WIZZLEWOLF1 12 PELESJEWEL
6/14/18 10:42 P
I love this WALTSGIRL74 20 CGARR442
6/15/18 9:50 A
I'm going to say, sitting on the floor watching ca FELICIA611 89 PENGUIN012
6/14/18 5:02 P
Happy Thursday peeps! RAYMOSSISTER 17 JMROSE17
6/14/18 3:29 P
Have a great day! we are all important! JSTETSER 34 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/15/18 11:54 A
Good morning Sparkers Day 171 still sugar free Botanic Garden Shift today - four hour calorie burn STEEPERSLOUNGE 113 MPLSKEN
6/14/18 11:53 P
PT went well tonight but still feel like I have a ways to go ...of course if I listen more to my PT SCHMUNZELN 2 ADYLEIGH
6/13/18 9:33 P
Posted a photo TIKITAMI 21 LADYARTIST41
6/13/18 9:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter still going strong HENNYFLOW29 155 MSTJAY1
6/16/18 10:39 A
6/18/18 2:57 A
Hummor to start the day CTMOM 97 DEMONCLOWNZ666
6/13/18 4:06 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 166 and still sugar free Today is a rest day. Have a happy healthy Satu STEEPERSLOUNGE 29 MPLSKEN
6/9/18 11:27 P
When out to do my walk tripped over the dog and did a trip to the hospital. No walking for a few d MYDOGCUP 8 BUSYBERRY
6/8/18 11:33 P
Just introducing myself. I went to a foot surgeon on May 1 he told me I was too heavy and needed to STAHLY104 26 MOMMAKW
6/9/18 2:28 A
Okay... so I am in shock. I have been running around wearing clothes that are SUPER big on me becaus KGOBLE423 238 BOOKNUT52
6/9/18 4:42 A
Just joined. Struggling bc I stabbed myself by accident with scissors. Still healing and down to one VLUX824 29 GABY9327
6/8/18 7:07 P
Just wanted to say how happy I am that I found spark. I have noticed that there is a wide range of s RWILLCUT 115 CMPKLUTZ
6/16/18 9:01 P
New to this, but I really need to lose 100lbs and am hoping I can find a support group. Tomorrow wil AHARVEL 8 CSROBERTSON621
6/7/18 9:35 P
Day 3, first attempt at taking selfie GERALDINAWATERS 10 MDOWER1
6/7/18 9:15 P
Exercise:Weights today. 63% fat burn 87 min. 376 kcal💪🏻 Lunch: 111g pork tenderloin on a salad ma ISNESS 17 J5311956
6/7/18 4:45 P
The struggle is real! 😆 KERRIBERRI86 19 FOUNDER3
6/11/18 4:40 P
Which of you women can relate? 🤣 KERRIBERRI86 17 HELLOHOLLY76
6/7/18 8:34 P
My greatest obstacle is Time Management. I know what I need to do, I just never seem to have the ti MCASKEY6 8 BERRY4
6/7/18 12:58 P
This is my happy face after finishing a great workout at the Canada Games Centre Halifax... BOOHOOBEAR 20 CIROHIO
6/8/18 9:52 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 GEORGE815
6/6/18 8:12 P
When I ate lunch at this restaurant years ago in Atitlan Guatemala, I never thought the volcanoes mi SISSYFEB48 5 GEORGE815
6/6/18 8:14 P
Went to the gym today. Did cardio and strength training for over an hour. Then came home and rode SANDOMINGO 12 SANDOMINGO
6/6/18 10:19 P
Another one of those strange animals. It this a deer cat or a buck cat?? 1DAY-ATA-TIME 56 PRIMROSE128
6/7/18 12:36 P
HELP!!! I have no Energy I’ve started walking in the mornings and in the evenings but in between tha CANDYMARTAN 14 BUSYBERRY
6/6/18 11:51 A
So frustrated yesterday, I went on my lunch break from class, planned to go to Subway.... to find th BIONICMANGO 7 ADRIENALINE
6/5/18 6:35 P
I lost 20 pounds! Too bad a typist lady cussed me out for it Monday. POEDAUGHTER7 15 LILIANN400
6/5/18 7:09 P
just wanted to say hello. I started on here in June 2016 but then I went to a different tracker just SHIRLEYMUT 17 DJ4HEALTH
6/5/18 1:37 A
Today: Lat bar pull down 150 lbs. 46% fat burn 8 sets 8 reps 54 kcal in 6:42 min ISNESS 4 SRIVERS1
6/4/18 9:00 P
I am halfway there! 30 pounds down and 30 pounds to go. I am 4'11", if I could magically grow 4-5 HELLOAGAINHELLO 25 ALLYLIZZY
6/5/18 2:07 P
Pepsi is my vice I've kept active and my brain busy and it hasn't been so bad. Although I have a sli CHELSEAPARKS 6 CHAIRMASTER
6/4/18 5:31 P
I'm feeling stressed and want to cry along with b WALTSGIRL74 21 WALTSGIRL74
6/5/18 8:18 A
So today is really important for me since I have been out of control with my eating and exercising s CWINIARZ34 9 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/4/18 10:23 P
Never, ever give up! It will pay off!😘 FITSISTA79 103 WOMANOFLOVE
6/5/18 7:23 A
I have just joined to figure out the site. I will start tomorrow with tracking and learn more as I g GRANMAMAOF4 35 BRLEE165
6/3/18 9:27 P
Trying to get motivated again to lose weight since I started my weight loss journey I have lost 70 p FITNESSGAL45 10 PATJOONWW
6/3/18 9:07 P
6/11/18 1:07 A
I've always understud that muscle weighs more then fat. I truly understand this as fact and as I'm BIGFLABEAR 24 CINDY247
6/4/18 6:42 P
Never give up. I will fit in those 18 Levi Jean's LOVINGMYSELF101 20 DOODIE59
6/2/18 8:11 P
This is my first post and i am not much on posting, but i enjoy reading all of your posts for encour MVANGLE 27 JUJU1358
6/2/18 7:55 A
Tonight's Dinner Take Out Shrimp Pad Thai With Tofu Treated Myself To A Great Dinner Got Enough For APALAIA_18 8 ROSALIE28
6/1/18 6:55 P
I had 2 kids within 11 months of each other. I gained 96lbs total with the pregnancies. When I had m HOBBERJP 39 CHASEANN2018
6/1/18 11:03 P
Me now. Starting out SARAJOCALVO8 23 SARAJOCALVO8
6/6/18 5:55 A
6/1/18 6:33 P
Not where I want to be... yet, but much better than where I was!!! 😎 LINZHORN 114 LIZZIE138
6/1/18 6:19 P
5/30/18 11:13 P
Searching for my lost mojo. 😯 KATBRUNNER 10 SLYDE-GLYDER
5/31/18 8:01 A
Good Afternoon Sparkers! My name is " Karen" and I am the featured article today . I just want to sa STEEPERSLOUNGE 9 MPLSKEN
5/31/18 12:52 A
It's raining here today in southern Wisconsin. What songs come to mind when you experience a rainy d MARIAN326 103 PWILLOW1
5/30/18 4:31 P
Im new to this. Day 1 and I'm at 1100 calories. I would like to get the 10lbs I gained off this wint KIMKASS1983 22 SBABEYTA1
5/29/18 10:50 P
Hardest part of the day was walking through this aisle and not grabbing a bag 😩 It hurt so bad I co ISTAYHUNGRY 19 MAINSTREETGAL
5/29/18 8:31 P
I’ve been trying to explain to my husband that it’s often hard to find something to eat at restauran KAIMAGUS22 9 MARIDOWNEY
5/29/18 6:57 P
I'm 13 steps away from 13,000 steps for the I'm killing it and I have the foot blisters KIKIE1973 4 7STIGGYMT
5/28/18 7:16 P