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Daily Chat (Jan 2018) -JAMES- 266 NIGHTSKYSTAR
2/1/18 2:13 A
Getting ready to embark on a triple batch of weight watcher's zero point cabbage soup. Never a big GATORCHAIDEN13 5 52114ME
1/15/18 1:05 A
Bowl of fats and protein for #Keto breakfast; diced bacon, cilantro, and sour cream with cubes of sm PHEONIXRIESLING 10 PIPPAMOUSE
1/14/18 11:41 P
This morning my son (he's seven going on twenty-one) decided to sneak a picture of me... as I was ge JESSICA_G23 242 GIANTOCR1
3/14/18 10:48 A
The last 50lbs. are getting hard to lose. But I'm happy losing 105lbs. SORRELLCONNIE 71 CANUCKSEW1
1/14/18 11:17 P
Day 1:. New year and new focus on me. Let's get healthy #BeforeAndAfter MONK324 10 BSPORTER66
1/16/18 1:55 P
I need advice on how to get back on track exercising? CMAGEE28 3 GVIARS43
1/14/18 2:54 P
On the left is beginning of October, on the right is today. Down 28 lbs, and lost 4” on my waist, FREEDOMBOUND18 14 BSPORTER66
1/16/18 1:54 P
This may seem stupid, but i need some motivation buddies. I really need to lose this weight. I need MSJ1983 7 MSMITH5077
1/14/18 4:25 P
This is me the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Fibromyalgia sufferer fo 20+yrs so winter is no GECKOS2268 19 PRAIRIEOMA
1/10/18 3:47 A
I ate what I wanted and managed to stay on range by watching my portions and lots and lots of house SEMIJEWLAVL 3 52114ME
1/6/18 10:11 P
Posted a photo SNICHOLEE 5 REDROBIN47
1/6/18 10:58 P
The low carb diet must really be getting to me, be LOSINGITATNIGHT 8 COOKWITHME65
1/7/18 9:32 A
Victory! Drank all my water and recorded all my food -- even stayed within calorie limits! First tim LKMANNING7 12 TMP0418
1/7/18 10:34 A
When I weighed a hundred pounds more than what I do right now, I was tired all the time and had no e SWEETSUNSHIN7 20 ASPEN
1/6/18 9:30 A
Hi all. I'm going to try to become healthy in 2018. I have 80 lbs to reach my goal. I have to do thi JENIDEAN1 5 JUDYAMK
1/5/18 8:29 P
Anyone else have trouble staying off the scale? I swear it’s harder to do that between weekly weigh 75DOWNIN2018 6 KATIPOOH
1/5/18 1:53 P
So excited this morning, I have dropped 24.8 pounds since Oct 27. Happy Friday Dance! GIAARNOLD 8 52114ME
1/5/18 1:04 P
Weigh day! 225lbs one week ago. 223lbs today!! ARTISTICANGEL93 4 52114ME
1/5/18 1:03 P
It's Bird Day and Spaghetti Day! Enjoy a plate of the pasta with your favorite sauce after a day of NANASUEH 3 JPSCOV66
1/5/18 5:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter It's not HUGE difference but I am INKODINKO 32 ABUHLER
1/9/18 11:54 P
I see that firefly pose is coming up on one of my instagram yoga challenges so here is a starting ph PLAINJANEDOE 6 RAEVEN85
1/7/18 10:25 A
Posted a photo JTYRE1984 2 52114ME
1/5/18 12:58 P
Back in Onederland! I was at my highest in July at 224. Still have a ways to go but I'm confident I -CEREAL_KILLER- 15 SANDYGG75
1/5/18 4:17 P
So this is something I have started with my dog Sampson. I grab one of his toys and I run to the fen LPEEBLES5 7 MYTIMEOK
1/5/18 2:10 P
Starting the Keto lifestyle! SHOSHANA192 4 SHOSHANA192
1/5/18 5:21 P
We've all heard of swear jars, but this year I'm implementing a running jar. For 2018, I'm going to KATBRUNNER 26 SMILINGBEAR
1/5/18 8:42 P
Good morning Everyone, Heres a photo of me. I stil DOLLIPS 15 MYTIMEOK
1/5/18 2:20 P
If you are on this site you must be tracking something. It helps keep you accountable. Keep it up. 52114ME 1 52114ME
1/5/18 12:16 A
How to add more fat CTWOHIG521 12 NIGHTSKYSTAR
2/8/18 10:03 A
Lets get this started! SCARMICHAEL63 3 DEBINTHEMTS
1/3/18 4:47 A
Keto day#2... great tasting meals... a bit foggy i MANNYDELACRUZ 8 PIPPAMOUSE
1/3/18 11:12 A
Hope your day has been great! GARDENSFORLIFE 6 CANNINGNANNY
1/3/18 11:09 A
I'm feeling good today. I ran. I ate better. I managed my time better. Life is good. JODNEX 2 52114ME
1/2/18 11:44 P
Made Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Bacon Cream Sauce for dinner tonight. It was obviously a hit beca PHEGNOMENAL 18 TITANSRUGBY17
1/4/18 9:21 A
I have been on this new journey for 91 days. Every morning, first thing I get up and weigh myself. • 52114ME 5 SADIEMYERS
1/3/18 7:21 A
Made some awesome #keto fat bombs today. I made it up as I went just to try it. (And used my silicon PIPPAMOUSE 15 ANNDIEDR
1/5/18 5:28 A
Still working the low carb living my doctor has me on. Trying to add about a mile of walking most d PATTIMIKE03 4 52114ME
1/1/18 5:22 P
Between these two photos are 365 days of tracking and portion control, over 10,000 minutes of exerci MAGLITE7 37 MIRAGE727
1/1/18 9:01 P
My hope for this new year is that Spark People will finally add a "back to top" marker on each page NEWSTARTGIRL 7 NEWSTARTGIRL
1/2/18 4:47 P
Starting a new year and some new goals. I want to lose 20 pounds by April and 100 overall VICKIEHAYES 4 VICKIEHAYES
1/1/18 5:39 P
16 months! Became a vegetarian and changed my lifestyle! Read my blog! Ws 248lbs Cw 120lb 5'6" Age 6 DIANEPAG 6 52114ME
1/1/18 5:03 P
This is my pride and joy. I Need to get my life back. On Dec 24, 2014. I got infected with Necrotizi DBTSPIVEY 23 CARRIEMETODAY
1/1/18 6:24 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 10 RBOYD913
1/2/18 12:14 P
Good morning Sparkers! My husband made a yummy breakfast. Left over BBQ Ribeye with Eggs and Cheese. 52114ME 5 SADIEMYERS
1/1/18 6:09 P
For the new year I am hoping that my weight goes down below 200. ASTRIDZHANG 6 WLHOPE
12/31/17 5:16 P
A bit of a rumbly tummy today...what I wouldn't give for a bowl of popcorn, a blankie and a movie! I_GET_BY 7 SADIEMYERS
12/31/17 5:55 P
Continued from my status: 1270 is in my low calories range from Sparkpeople. 1200-1560 is my range. GET2BEFIT 3 ENGELKUH89
1/1/18 8:20 A
#keto magic! Today's weigh-in put me at a weight I haven't been in 10.5 years. I now weigh what I di PIPPAMOUSE 13 PIPPAMOUSE
1/2/18 4:11 P
Celebrating the fact that with all of the ups and downs of 2017 in my health/emotions (including a c PSYCHMASTER 5 PRAIRIEOMA
12/31/17 5:39 P
Reflection of 90 days I am trying to keep my thoughts positive about my progress. Started this Ket 52114ME 2 MSMITCHELL2696
12/31/17 1:45 P
When it was pouring down rain yesterday, I looked at the forecast and promised myself a good long wa HELLTYGR 4 52114ME
12/30/17 10:34 P
This is the first year, I think in my whole life, that I dont have a resolution of some sort. What I KSTEVERSON 8 SADIEMYERS
12/31/17 6:00 P
This literally happened today talking to a neighbor about cat litter and it's benefits for over 30 JUSTSTICKWITHIT 17 STRONGERLEANER
12/31/17 9:38 A
WOOHOO!!!! I just received my order of size 18 jeans... they were too big!!! I had to order a size 1 LOISLEL 9 BJAEGER307
12/31/17 11:22 A
This year was good to me lost 70 pounds! I want GBENITEZSITA 36 PBVHCCVH
12/30/17 2:42 A
#BeforeAndAfter I am so excited about losing weight. My goal weight is to be 175lb. I have lost 60lb RBREWSTER1969 72 SOOZIE12
12/30/17 8:39 A
Keto diet is going well, but the bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning is getting a little old. KDALTONGANG 15 KSTEVERSON
12/30/17 4:59 A
One day at a time PAMALAMA1413 4 RETAT60
12/29/17 10:07 P
Okay, I am going out of this year on a low note. Had a great weight loss breakthrough right before DOLPH79 7 LKMANNING7
12/29/17 10:53 P
SP meal plans with keto MMMONET 27 NIGHTSKYSTAR
12/29/17 9:05 A
The hubster and I went to the mall. The original objective was new wool socks, new winter boots, and CHRISJ14 6 52114ME
12/28/17 9:28 P
Hi Sparky friends, well I can honestly say thank god the holidays are over. With all the shopping, p BLUEDOLPHIN42 2 52114ME
12/28/17 9:27 P
Gossip, says i stopped eating that's why im skinnier. Im more toned, i work out 30min 4 or 5 times a B30112 6 ALOFA0509
12/28/17 9:49 P
#Keto. I am very thankful that in 2017 I found a cure for my food/sugar addiction. 62 lbs gone. I tr KIMBERLY925 30 ALASKA-LIZ
1/2/18 8:46 A
Daily Chat JOYCE2U 1458 -JAMES-
1/1/18 2:40 A
#BeforeAndAfter I'm posting bc I was doing well-70down & THEN yesterday I ate a pound of prime rib, CHRISHATH 65 TXSUNSHINE512
12/31/17 9:35 P
Hello sparkspeople. I had WLS on March 1, 2017. I've lost 102 lbs so far. And I would love to lo CLSIMISTER3 5 52114ME
12/26/17 7:03 P
After spending the past monthish bingeing on sugar, I am detoxing this week, with getting off sugar LDYMSW1966 8 PBVHCCVH
12/26/17 8:00 P
So christmas happend and i let myself slip .... 5 pounds gained back from 10 i lost but im hoppin ba KGLENN29 4 MICHELLE73101
12/26/17 1:37 P
I'm kinda sad Christmas is over, but I'm ready for a New Year! Write "ready" in the comments if you ALLYLIZZY 17 LEAHDEL16
12/27/17 8:22 A
Try not to stress. Relax and enjoy your day. 52114ME 2 WONDERCUTIE
12/25/17 12:49 P
2 of my Christmas presents from my kids... ramekins so I can make my KETO cakes and resistance bands ST3PH 4 PIPPAMOUSE
12/26/17 12:36 A
Omg, stepped on scale, only .2 tenths away from onederland. 200.2! CANDPDUGAN 4 52114ME
12/25/17 12:18 P
Posted a photo AVA9876 3 52114ME
12/24/17 10:37 P