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8/13/18 6:47 P

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Yes. I've been diagnosed with bone on bone degenerative joints in hips and knees with grooves in the bone articulations. I have struggled with it for a long time. When it first showed up I was told I couldn't get joint replacements because I was too young. Over the years, more damage happened, tissues contractured, pain increased and mobility decreased. I used crutches and walker for MANY years but now I am mostly in recliner and wheelchair. I mainly use crutches when I need to go where wheelchair won't fit.
Now I'm old enough but I also need to lose weight. My highest was 410, I'm down to just below 300 and headed toward 170. When I lose a bit more, I will talk to ortho again to see if he will approve surgery.
In the meantime, I mostly live in my recliner. I do chair exercises in recliner or wheelchair. For exercise.

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7/8/18 5:36 A

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Sorry to hear of your struggles and very sorry for your loss. Like you I have health complaints that make it harder to get my daily tasks done and to lose weight. I have a pain in my back (my side, really) that bothers me day in day out, I have foot complaints and I also have arthritis in my right hip - though I won't need surgery for a few years yet, I hope.

I walk my dog daily, thankfully my feet improved enough to be able to take two walks of fifteen minutes per day. I keep a log of the daily chores that I get done. Somehow it motivates me to keep track of what I DO get done... I post a to do list on my blog these days and place an x behind every task I accomplished. I will add you as a friend so you can see it.

I think that it 's great if you do yoga. It will help you be more flexible but it will also help you to be more calm and centered which will help with the work on the other goals. It also helps with depression.

Editing to add: just visited your page - it may help if you allow people to place a comment on your sparkpage (use 'sparkpage settings' at the top right of the screen on your page). It may also help if you start to write blogs (even if it's just a few lines now and then) because then you will get support from other sparkmembers.

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6/20/18 11:00 P

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I need to have a RT hip replacement. Saw the Ortho last week. But, I have to lose 4 BMI points first. About 28 lb. I agree & am willing to do it but my problem is that I also have arthritis in my feet & back. I went to two Zumba classes at the Y last week. Also have been to the pool twice. I may try the Yoga. I am eating less but am wondering how I'm going to get weight down. Walked to mail box today. I have a chronic pain appt next month. I really feel I got this fat because I was depressed about being in pain all the time. That, & my toy poodle went blind. She wanted me to hold her all the time. When I'd set her down to do housework, she'd bump into everything & I'd feel bad & pick her up, sit down with her & comfort her again. She passed away June 1st this month & I am trying to improve my health. I know there are people bigger than me but I just can't keep up with the Zumba gals. Went to a Podiatrist today & he thinks I might have a torn tendon in my foot. Don't know if I did it at Zumba or that made it worse. Does anyone reading have pain challenges that they work thru to exercise daily? Thanks.

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