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2/20/20 10:28 A

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I would definitely talk to your doctor about this. Possibly a different drug would do as well without this side effect.

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2/18/20 6:11 A

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Please, please, please speak with a Registered Dietitian (RD). I agree that it will help.

You may also want to discuss things with your doctor, too, so that he/she is aware of the weight gain.

In the mean time, you can start tracking your nutrition, even here on SP. Junk food is never the answer. Plus, if you track for a few weeks, you'll be able to bring that information to your appointment with the RD. They can help you make changes to be a healthier you and maybe even get some of your health condition under control.

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2/18/20 5:16 A

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I fully understand that the drug is used to treat malnutrition and as a result increases hunger/appetite, however you need to be aware (and you are ...... "Going to be honest, since i've had health issues, i've been turning to junk food more than before, and i find it hard to let go. I need help and not sure what to do.") that your food choices pay a very large part in your weight.

Apart from getting that referral to a Registered Dietitian (which I STRONGLY advise) I also suggest that you start to make better choices. Junk is NOT filling, which is often one of the reasons why people eat more of it. Until you see your Registered Dietitian, try replacing some of the junk with some fruit/veggies. Also replace some of the junk with some healthy fats (nuts/seeds; avocado; olive oil; oily fish (sardines and salmon are really good) and also ensure that you are eating good, lean protein, and not deep fried of processed stuff. If you drink soda/juice, try reducing it and replacing it with water, or even watering it down. I have iced tea, but like a little bit of a hint of sweetening to it, so add a dash of Zero Carb lemonade to it. I don't have sugar in tea or coffee. You will find that by doing that it will make big inroads into your weight issue, and overall health as well.

Visiting a Registered Dietitian in person WILL make a difference to you. For an hour, that dietitian should have been able to help you a lot more than that. My first appointment was an hour and I hot HEAPS of help, and in fact, after my very first appointment I started to lose weight. The difference was, I didn't eat junk in the first place. Because I weighed all of my food and entered it into the Nutrition Tracker, and had been doing it for a long time, I took some printouts for her to see. It saved loads of time with asking about what and how much I ate and how often. She could see it there. Within 5 minutes she could see what the problem was. I had a genuinely slow metabolism. A lot of people SAY that is their problem, whereas in fact it is that they just eat far too much and a lot of crap. She told me what I normally ate is what they would normally put someone my height/weight and physical status on to lose weight. I just had to reduce the calories. I only had to drop from an average of 1650-1850 calories per day down to 1400 - no range. I dropped straight down to 1400 - big mistake. I suffered big time from nausea, light-headedness, severe hunger pains (not hunger pangs) and my sleep was very disturbed. Hunger pain kept waking me. I had to go back up and work down very gradually. It worked well. It took 16 months to lose the first 50lb. I sat there for a year enjoying my new clothes and then started reducing again. I reached my goal a few years ago. I still weigh all of my food for increased accuracy and enter it all into the Nutrition Tracker. I am DETERMINED I am not going back to where I was.


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2/18/20 1:15 A

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we get a one hour session for free with a dietitian at work once a year. she just gave me general advice. lots of fruits and vegetables, and thats about it. I asked her about the medication and she didnt get back to me with any info even though she said i could reach out to her for more help.

not sure if visiting a dietitian in person would make a difference?

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2/17/20 9:19 P

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I remember you asked about this a couple months back. Here is that thread in case it might be helpful for you to look back at the comments you received at that time:

One of the suggestions was to talk with a Registered Dietitian. Were you able to do that? Did they offer any helpful advice?


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Edward Everett Hale
2/17/20 8:09 P

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Does anyone have advice on losing weight on megestrol? i went from 220-230 lbs to 252 lbs (im 5'5" and 35 years old). Yes, my original weight was high, but i still had energy, i could run up stairs and walk all over campus (i work as a secretary at a college and go to different buildings through the day).

Just these 20 lbs are painful on my body, i have no energy and lose my breath easily. My body physically hurts. I havent been this big in years, i have stayed at the weight i was on for a few years. i used to be close to 300 lbs.

The meds i am on (i have hormone issues that caused abnormal cells to grow in my uterus) cause extreme hunger. I eat a meal that used to fill me up and an hour or two later i am hungry. If i ignore it too long i start getting extremely nauseous and start coughing with the desire to vomit.

Going to be honest, since i've had health issues, i've been turning to junk food more than before, and i find it hard to let go. I need help and not sure what to do. Im just tired of struggling with my weight, this has been ongoing for many years, gaining and losing weight over and over.

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