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EXNOLA Posts: 328
9/11/19 7:28 A

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Is NS Nutrisystem?
Eat snacks when you are too hungry to make it to the next meal. Try to drink a glass of water first, then wait about 15 minutes, then snack if you need to. Eat more during the day if you are getting headaches, are blowing the diet because you are ravenous by 7pm, or if you are going to bed hungry.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 31,803
9/9/19 9:14 A

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"What booklet sample menu are you referring to? and what are NS Snacks?"

Exactly what I was going to ask!

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9/9/19 6:54 A

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Are you doing some sort of special nutrition program? You may get better advice asking one of the Registered Dietitians (which I hope the plan is designed by versus a nutritionist) about their program's NS Snacks and "booklet".

Snacks are, as Kris said, something small to help keep hunger at bay between full meals. Some people find snacks help; others prefer just to eat their 3 meals a day.

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9/9/19 4:05 A

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Snacks are meant for between meals to stave off hunger.

What booklet sample menu are you referring to? and what are NS Snacks?

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9/8/19 10:57 P

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It's Sunday, and the booklet "sample" menu does not make it clear how snacks are meant to be used. Is it OK to use two NS snacks in a day? Or are you only supposed to use the one NS snack in the evening?
Any suggestions/recommendations?

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