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7/2/19 12:39 P

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Thanks so much! I think the habit started when I used to have to get up with my babies at night and was so exhausted and now it’s a habit I need to break. All your posts are a great help though thank you

RK7117 Posts: 176
7/2/19 11:13 A

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Senega.... plan to have cereal at night. I have definitely found that if I don't eat enough or the right foods I eat and eat and eat after dinner. I started loosely doing ww with my mom. I never used to eat after dinner. No kidding. I would drink a bottle of water. ( well, chew ice). Now....I can't stop snacking. I have noticed that if I stay within my caloric goals for the day I am hungry and the lower the total the hungrier ( somehow I can blow my points budget by a large margin but still only eat 1,000 cals that day.). So I know on those days I need to eat something to help. I try to eat good things but you know....
Anyway, try to plan on eating a bowl of cereal. Or try my fav- a banana topped with sugar free pudding and cool whip free. 2-3 ww points so I don't feel guilty.

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7/2/19 11:04 A

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When I was in college, I didn't think twice about eating pizza at midnight. It's what study groups did. lol

Other members have made a good point. Are you eating because you're genuinely hungry or because you're bored ? You can teach your body new healthier habits. If you are really hungry, take a closer look at what you've been eating through the day. Are you eating enough wholesome, nutrient dense meals?

Most cereals (unless you're eating plain Cheerios) are very high in sugar. That's the last thing a person should eat when they can't sleep. Why can't you sleep ? are you stressed out over an issue ? Maybe a problem at work, home, relationship or family ?

If you can't sleep because you're stressed out, then you need to find ways to vent your stress that don't involve food. When you're eating the cereal, what are you doing ? Are you watching TV ? On your cell phone ? Let's turn the devices OFF. no TV. no cell phone. no tablet. no computer. the light from the electronics is causing you to stay awake.

Instead of cereal, why don't you consider a nice cup of herbal tea. sipping a nice cup of tea can help you relax. Avoid cereal and any other sugary treat at night. you really can retrain your body so that you don't get these late night cravings. A lot of it has to do with learning to eat healthier foods during the day.

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7/2/19 8:51 A

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Frozen berries are my go-to post dinner snack. Depending on how many calories I have left, how hungry I am, etc. I might look at other macros and decide to add 14-28g of nuts more fat for satiety and protein, or if I want something salty I go for pickles or sauerkraut (surprisingly good on its own!). Generally though I eat enough at dinner that my evening snack is limited to a small serving of fruit.

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7/2/19 6:20 A

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I guess I don't. Are you eating enough during the day and getting sufficient calories and macros (fat, protein, carbs)? Are you drinking enough water?

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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7/2/19 5:38 A

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I only have that problem if I am genuinely hungry, in which case, it isn't a problem because I eat. Generally I eat some banana (not necessarily a whole one) and a little Greek Yoghurt with it, OR I might eat a quality protein nut bar which is filling.


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7/2/19 3:26 A

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I found Julia Ross book "Diet Cure" to be helpful in explaining cravings.

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7/2/19 2:18 A

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At night when I can’t sleep I want comfort from food—preferably cereal. It’s a terrible habit—anyone else have this problem?

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