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6/25/19 7:47 P

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6/25/19 2:55 P

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Although I do think counting macros can be an effective form of calorie control....Those numbers seems really low to me, especially for someone who works out 7x a week. At the top end of the ranges you've given you're not even eating 1200 calories.

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6/21/19 12:34 P

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6/20/19 7:32 P

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I pay attention to my macros, AND my calories. When you get used to it, you will find it very easy to tweak to ensure that ALL the goals are met.

As has been mentioned, weighing your food is far more accurate than guessing or using 'cup/spoon/large or small' measurements for your tracker.


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6/14/19 12:04 A

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Once you get used to tracking more...and as Nirerin said, get many of the foods you eat into your favorites, it really does get easier! I would suggest you start with maybe doing your dinners only this week, then add in your lunches for a week, then your breakfasts for a week.

I believe there are many folks who take note of their macros. When I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, changing my grams of carbs/meal was my first task. when I track, I certainly take note of that nice little pie chart at the bottom... If breakfast puts me over my general target on protein...then I will try to balance it a bit better at lunch. Pre-Tracking can REALLY make a difference. Remember that anything you 'track' can be edited; removed; quantity adjusted etc. For me, this is where the learning really 'clicked".

Wishing you all the best on the changes you are making!!

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6/13/19 8:59 P

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Weighing is more accurate than measuring by volume. Most people find that manually entering in their foods is time consuming for the first few weeks, but then becomes much faster once your staples are already loaded into your favorites. The general consensus seems to be that it's faster to manually enter than it is to weed through all of the entries that are old, from a different region, incomplete or just plain inaccurate.

As far as not balancing right off the bat, that's a common problem. You get better about it the more practice you have, just like with everything else in life. Look at your largest sources (full report at the bottom of the tracker) of each macro and plan to eat more of on the high days and less on the low days. If you don't mind doing some math upfront, you might find making a list to be helpful. So I'm going to call your recommendations at 140 on your high days and 70 on your low days. Feel free to do the actual math with your ranges. If you eat four times a day, that's 35 g a meal for the high and 17.5 g for the low. If you are eating plain roasted chicken breast that would be just over 6 oz for the high day and 3 oz for the low day. Rice might be the yield from 1/4 cup dry on the high day and 1/8 cup dry on the low day. Pasta might be the yield from 2 oz dry on the high day and 1 oz on the low day. Shrimp might be 8 oz on the high day and 4 oz on the low day. Figure out how your staples fit into your macros. If you have a guideline of where you should be, you can adjust.

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6/13/19 8:15 P

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Hi, I am working with my Doctor on my weight loss and he switched my diet to counting Macro's. for Protein, Carbs and Fat. lastly over all daily Calories. but are not as important.

So for me to see weight loss: on the Days I do Cardio workouts 5x week my Carb's will 130-150 grams and 60 to 80 grams of Protein and 30 grams of Fat.

On my Strength training days 2x week. the numbers are flipped. to 130-150 grams of Protein and 60-80grams of Carbs. 30 grams of Fat.

So is there any diet Food plan that follows' this? I tried to log my food on this site and I had a Heck of a time to balance out my measuring and weighing everything ? I still did not hit the #'s. either too much or not enough of each. and when I found my foods in the data base. the measurements didn't jive with the data base in what manually measured or I had to check the food labels and some are written in Cups when you need Grams or oz's or vise versa. I'm frustrated now but I hope it get's easier.

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