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1/22/19 1:51 P

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oh and here's an example from the Cheesecake Factory. This is their BBQ ranch chicken salad. According to their own website, it has 1710 calories.

Obviously, it's not really a salad when it's topped with onion rings. LOL. And if people think this isn't the norm, they're mistaken. Many restaurant salads will typically clock in at over 1,000+ calories.

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1/22/19 1:44 P

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"Total calories 370 !!!! Calories from fat 60, sodium 240 mg, carbs 14 g, sugars 7g !!! CRIMINY!!! How can that be."

It's pretty easy actually. You've got 70 calories of veggies topped with 300 calories of dressing.

that's the issue with any restaurant salad or even salads someone were to make at home. Lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, etc have very few calories. Where the calories add up is in the dressing.

One tablespoon of olive oil has 119 calories. If you use two tablespoons, that's 240 calories. Who uses exactly two tablespoons of salad dressing ? that's the other issue. Many people (and I was one of them) would typically ladle my salads with dressing.

So that those low calorie salads aren't so low calorie if you drench them with too much dressing.

What's a portion size ? this packet is one serving size for salad dressing.

Take this McDonald's Premium Asian salad. Doesn't look like a big portion, does it ? According to one source, it has 490 calories. 200 are from the Newman's Own dressing. Depending on flavor, each packet could have 150-200 calories.

1/22/19 12:08 P

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Makes total sense, unfortunately. Portion sizes at chain restaurants, especially place like Outback, are totally out of control.

To be honest, though, imagine if you'd picked a different option instead of the salad! At least it had some vitamins, fiber, and other micronutrients in addition to the calories.

As for what to do - just eat the rest of the day the way you normally would, and move on. This one meal won't derail you, but trying to "make up for it" by not eating enough for dinner to reach satiety may set you up for overindulging later in the night or at breakfast.

Take life one day at a time - enjoy today before you worry about tomorrow.

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1/21/19 7:50 P

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Yikes. Good reason why I don't go to Outback for dinner.

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1/21/19 6:14 P

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The first thing to remember about restaurants is portion size. What you order off of the menu as one meal (or one part of the meal) is usually at least two servings of food and sometimes it's more like four or more. This especially applies to the dressing, which usually comes in 2-4 oz ramekins. 2 Tablespoons of dressing is 1
fl oz so a ramekin is 2-4 servings of dressing. I would also guesstimate, based on every salad that I have ever seen at Outback or any similar chain, that there was at least twice as much cheese on that salad as you thought was on there. Play around with Tablespoons of shredded cheese on your salads at home to get better at guesstimating portions while out, but 2 T doesn't really go far on oversized portions.

If you think you shot yourself in the foot with that salad, what option do you think Outback has that is lower in calories?

-google first. ask questions later.

1/21/19 2:27 P

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1/21/19 2:21 P

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I love my Outback. I admit they do an awesome job with my dairy allergy. I ordered the salad “hold the cheese and croutons”. I usually use their dressing but can take my own. I love their herb aioli but wow it’s high in calories.

People! read the INGREDIENTS

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1/21/19 2:16 P

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I just looked up Outback's house salad w/mustard Vinaigrette nutrition! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Total calories 370 !!!! Calories from fat 60, sodium 240 mg, carbs 14 g, sugars 7g !!! CRIMINY!!! How can that be. It's head lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, couple croutons and serving dressing?!?!?! I am in DISBELIEF! Here ya think you're doing something responsible and making healthy choices! HA! Lesson leared...I guess. I still don't understand how that can be! Cob salad- Yes. Calories a lot! But head lettuce w/some tomatoes, cukes, (Oh, and I guess there was slight shredded cheddar cheese on it but not probably over 2 T.) Just saying....bummer! Now that I've just about shot a hole in my foot for the day...what to do?!?!?

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