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2/4/19 4:27 A

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As long as your plan is made of healthy food you like.

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1/31/19 3:07 P

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It sounds simple, but why not plan to eat what you want to eat? It takes time to change our habits and if you do it slowly it might help. Figure out a few healthy breakfasts that you enjoy and same with lunches.

I never did plan out my whole days, instead I head a number of breakfasts and lunches and snacks that fit into my plan. Dinners were pretty easy because I also love to cook and enjoyed the challenge of figuring out healthy meals.

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1/31/19 11:25 A

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Its the SAME issue that I face. Almost exactly and I have to stop with the "excuse" food as I call it. I am not even starting off this change well, did good week 1 and planned and it all just fell apart- new week starting and new plan....

1/24/19 1:02 P

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I have a handful of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I like. I usually have everything on hand for these meals. So planning is just a question of deciding which of those meals I'm going to eat.

I start with two veggies or a veggie and fruit, then I decide which entree I'm going to have.

Also, in case I'm in a rush, I always have a few of the P3 protein snack trays in my fridge. I can have one of those with a can of V8 if I'm in a hurry or nothing sounds good. It's basic fuel, but it's nutritious and keeps me on track because the worst thing for me is to get too hungry. That's when I slip up.

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1/18/19 9:01 A

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This may be a little more cumbersome, but rather than trying to plan *a* meal in advance and then not feel like eating it (whether you're not in the mood or you really just don't *like* your meal... that's something different)

So don't plan *a* meal. Have several meals you like that you know will fit in a certain range. If you need to pre-cook meat or have specific ingredients on hand, either pick a different meal or do the prep required to allow for the last minute decision.

When it comes to meal time, you'll have a variety of meals that could fit the slot - pick the one that appeals to you then! If you're constantly planning meals you just don't like then of course you're never going to want to eat them!

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1/17/19 9:31 A

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I need flexibility in my planning, retired with hubby and spur of the moment things happen. I often write my plan on paper and then track when I eat it or when I eat something else. Life happens.

So plan HEALTHY food that you LIKE. And good luck to you.


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1/17/19 7:37 A

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I think the main point of planning is taking emotions, likes and dislikes out of the equation.
As long as your plan is made of healthy food you like, there is no benefit in second guessing yourself and revising your plan.
I find doing so gives rise to false high expectations of how pleasurable the new food will be, then disappointment and dissatisfaction... then overeating and stronger cravings.
When I stand firm and eat what I planned (and I always plan food I like), I expect a pleasant delicious meal and that's what I get. Not the thrill of a lifetime, and it doesn't have to be. It's just a meal.



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1/14/19 3:38 P

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You're allowed to change your mind. As someone else brought up, look into the reasons why you don't want to eat it. Have you eaten heavily today already? Had something to similar recently? Planned too far out and changed what you're in the mood for?

It's ok to adjust the plan midweek if you need to. Have a salad instead of tacos. Pick up that lovely fresh fruit and add it to the menu. Scratch that heavy diner if you had extra pizza at lunch. What ingredients have you got on hand, and what can you make out of them that still fits into your plan?

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1/14/19 1:39 P

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The key to being able to stick with meal planning long-term is flexibility within structure. Your meal plan is a guideline, not a law from on high.

It's there to help you remember what food you purchased, what you may need to use up in your fridge, and to make it more convenient to cook than to go to a restaurant or get take-out.

It's ok to swap meals with another day, or take the same ingredients and make something a little different that sounds more palatable to you right then (e.g., make nachos or a taco salad instead of tacos, or roast pork tenderloin on a bed of salad with crackers and cheese instead of cooking up rice and broccoli.

And it's also ok to decide you just want to go out. For me, I've found that going out takes just as much, if not more time, than eating at home, it costs more, and the calorie counts are not as easy to figure out, so the only thing going out saves me is dishes, and with two kids and another adult in the household, even that excuse doesn't really hold water any more.

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1/14/19 3:33 A

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I am one of those who does NOT usually plan what I am going to eat other than the veges, because I generally cook those once every 3 days and then just reheat. I don't just cook the same veges for each day, but often had one or two different ones for some variety.

I bulk cook my protein part of the meal. and freeze in single serve containers. I have roast beef, roast chicken, roast pork and roast lamb with their gravies; I have beef casseroles; pork casseroles and chicken casseroles. The chicken ones some are Apricot chicken and some are with leak and mushrooms for extra variety. I have stews with ground beef - some leaning toward Italian with garlic/basil/tomato, and some leaning to Mexican with beans and spices. Some casseroles lean toward Moroccan. I have over a month's worth in the freezer now, and there is a variety to choose from. I also have home-made healthy pizza and stir fries and soups in the freezer for added variety. I make a large pot of bolognaise sauce and freeze those single serves. They are loaded with various veggies. I will eat them as part of the veggies or as a side with Tagliatelle, with added greens, mushrooms and parmesan. I also have a variety of raw meat for grilling.

By doing that you have always got something healthy to choose from and don't have to worry about suddenly not feeling like eating what you had planned in the morning or day before.

On the odd occasion I will have a large fresh fruit salad for dinner with plenty of Greek Yoghurt and some nuts or ground almonds, and sometimes a little of the healthier granola sprinkled on top for added crunch. That is usually if I have eaten a fairly big and filling lunch.

You need to work on what you like - what tempts your taste buds that is healthy.


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1/13/19 11:40 P

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> Im not in the mood to eat what I had planned..

Hmm... is the problem that you don't like the food on your diet, or that you will eat the food on your diet, but can't decide on what to eat until the last minute? Are you not hungry when you think you should eat? Personally, I end up planning four days in advance, with variety, and can switch the meals around. However, I need to thaw the meat a day ahead of time. I also have snacks and breakfast food, whenever I'm hungry at those times.

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1/13/19 10:35 P

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It can require more planning, but have a back up. So oatmeal with apples and cinnamon might be your plan, but you have a veggie omelet with toast as your backup. Lunch might be leftovers from last night, but you have the sushi place next door or a salad and chili from Wendy's as your alternates. Dinner might be a roast with potatoes and vegetables, but you could make Shepard's pie instead if you wanted.

I will also say that batch cooking on the weekend has helped me a lot here. I am single, so three or four portions is plenty for me, otherwise I get sick of whatever it is before I am halfway through. But having a soup or quiche or stew or casserole already ready and just needing heating up makes it really easy to make that choice.

You also really have to know your schedule and your cooking style and skills. Planning a two hour prep meal on the day you leave the house at 6 am and aren't back until 6:30 that night just isn't going to happen for most people. Know how long and how much effort your meal will require and do as much as possible in advance so that it's quick and easy day of. Know that you have pasta you can boil along with some frozen vegetables to toss in and a premade sauce. It's nothing fancy, but it's dinner. I particularly like cooking rice in advance. Protein and vegetables are quick to heat and not waiting forty minutes for rice does wonders for your dinner prep time.

Finally, plan to eat things that you like. It's much easier to have something that you like and that you know you like.

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1/13/19 6:58 P

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Completely understand and sympathize emoticon Personally, and I don't know this stuff professionally, I plan to a point but leave flexibility. If I don't stick with what I plan on, I log what I actually eat. Again, that's just me. There's so much to learn in so many areas to retrain ourselves. Don't beat yourself. Do the best you can. I've got a looooong way to go myself! Good luck! emoticon

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1/13/19 6:38 P

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I know I have to do it & it'll help me SO MUCH but I have no idea where to begin.. What is I dont want to eat what I put down for that day? I think thats where I get stuck. Im not in the mood to eat what I had planned.. Do I force myself to eat it anyways>

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