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NIRERIN Posts: 14,633
11/14/18 8:32 P

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The simplest explanation is to double check your tracking. Make sure you are weighing everything that passes your lips and make sure that the entries that you are using to track match the foods that you have in your hands.

If that is accurate and you are consistently gaining on 1300 calories a day, your doctor should be your next stop. Keep in mind that your body, as part of it working properly, can vary by up to 5 lbs per day without you gaining or losing an ounce. So a person who weighs 125 can see everything from 120-130 on the scale and that just means that you body is working like it is supposed to. The overall trend over time is the most important thing when it comes to your weight. For women in particular you should be comparing this week's weight to your weight four weeks ago, not last week. This way you are comparing your current weight to your weight at the same time in your cycle.

Consistently significantly undereating would maximize the amount of muscle you are losing, which would in turn decrease your total calorie burn, which would mean eating at your old maintenance calories would create a small gain. But I also feel like after six months your workout performance should be flagging somehow, so I would refer back to your calorie intake to make sure that that is accurate. One thing that can commonly happen is that the exceptions that you make to your normal can often become the new rule if you really aren't paying attention. 3 miles a day over six months is about 550 miles or almost 1100 miles per year if you kept up that pace. Are you actually running anywhere near there or are you walking or is there something in that generalization that is a little off from that summary? It's not an impossible number to achieve by any means if you are prioritizing it, but I also feel like it's not something that everyone can throw down all day, every day either. Checking your assumptions is a valuable tool.

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11/14/18 6:02 P

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Are you using a digital food scale and weighing all your food by the gram? I know when I finally bought one, my measuring cup and eyeball estimates were WAY off on some pretty high calorie foods and condiments!

Are you tracking every thing you put on your plate, including sauces, oils, butter, dressings - literally everything?

If you are not doing the above, there's a very good chance you are eating far more than you think.

If you're eating less than your body is burning, you will lose weight. If you're not eating enough, that won't stop you from losing weight - it can have other negative side effects (such as lowering your overall energy level, hair loss, lowering your ability to perform therefore skewing what you think you're doing vs what you are, etc), but it will not cause you to gain weight (that is a common myth).

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11/8/18 8:25 P

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I went to have a sneak peak at your nutrition tracker and notice that it is seldom used.

Do you weigh/measure your food and enter it in another tracker? If not, you may be underestimating how many calories you are actually consuming.


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11/7/18 1:07 P

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Over what period of time have you gained the weight? Were you trying to lose weight before now or just maintain your weight? Was the weight training a new addition to your routine? Do you ever have your body fat tested to know how that has changed?

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 30,364
11/7/18 1:06 P

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Too much sodium.
That time of the month.
Water retention due to exercise.
Muscle gain.

And yes, you might not be eating enough to support your activities.

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11/7/18 11:59 A

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So I’ve been working out consistently for about 6 months. I run an average of 3 miles daily as well as doing some form of weight training. According to my calorie tracker app, I’m averaging about 1300 calories a day. Sometimes less sometimes more. I’m finding that despite all this work, I’m gaining weight. I’ve put on about 5 pounds! Very discouraging :( i was wondering if I may not be eating enough? And if that’s the case, why would i he gaining weight? I’m just scared to eat more because i don’t want to gain Any MOrE weight, what should i do?!?!

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