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6/5/18 7:39 P

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Im gonna be honest. I could never successfully lose weight while working in a restaurant. I ate what I could when I could. Often times I would bring food with me, but come on, something fresh and delicious is a really hard temptation for anyone. I wish you the best of luck!!!

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6/4/18 12:46 P

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I don't work in one but when I go, I try to stick to my diet plan. That means avoiding carbs and sugars as much as possible.

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5/23/18 1:09 P

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Since I'm not personally a fan of most meal or snack bars, and I find fat and protein and fibre to be most necessary to feel satisfied, I would tend towards having a vegetable / fruit based smoothie to sip on (for nutrients / hydration / fibre and some protein), and would make some low-carb snacks to eat instead of snack bars.

Some ideas that I have often used:

Smoothie: plain Greek yoghurt (for protein) with frozen cabbage (or spinach or kale)/ butternut squash / pumpkin / carrots, and frozen strawberries / blueberries / honeydew melon / oranges and enough milk or cream to blend smoothly

Keto Bread Twists (
) and I'll sometimes put an asparagus spear in the middle

Low Carb Tortillas (
) which I'll spread with nut butter and roll up for quick and easy nibbling

Paleo Nut Bread (
) or a similar recipe --- which I cut in to more of a bar shape instead of a typical bread slice

I maintain at around 2000 calories or so, and feel best eating every few hours, so for me to work with your schedule, I'd be planning:

Breakfast: 400-500 calories, including 2 servings veggies / fruits

At Work: 900-1000 calories
Smoothie = 300-400 (includes 4-6 servings veggies / fruits)
Low Carb Tortilla with Nut Butter = 200
Paleo Nut Bread = 400

Dinner: 300-400 calories, including 3-5 servings veggies

Evening Snack: 200-300 calories

Kudos on what you have achieved, and on having the very good sense to realize that some tweaks are needed to suit your new working schedule! Hopefully some of the ideas in this thread are helpful to you!

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5/22/18 8:06 A

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When I was bartending I would ask the kitchen to make me something in a to-go container (sometimes something from the menu, sometimes I'd see if they could just do grilled chicken and veggies). I'd pick at it when I could if I didn't get a break that night, and if I didn't finish it all I could just take it home. The key is asking before a rush!

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5/22/18 1:27 A

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All restaurants I go to have a menu & calorie count online, so there should be something you can have, maybe have some of your meal at the restaurant & something small & healthy to eat before you start work.

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5/19/18 9:53 P

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If you cannot eat during your shift plan to have a meal or snack right before your shift and another right after your shift. If you are allowed to have beverages, see if you can find a smoothie recipe that has nutritional value and works for you.

Also work to do what you can about the stress at home. The more fronts you are fight on, the fewer the resources you have for each fight.

-google first. ask questions later.

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5/19/18 9:25 P

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Find what healthy choices they have and if they don't , bring your own

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5/19/18 10:53 A

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Start with *why* you eat what you do. Are you hungry? Food looks tempting?

What are you eating? Keep a log. It's extra work, but a log is an important tool for dieting.

Then include your eating at work into your diet. Find a diet that fits your lifestyle. Or find a diet that lets you best cope with your eating at work.

Good luck!

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5/19/18 6:46 A

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I work currently (hopefully) temporarily in a call center. I do get scheduled breaks (2 15 minutes and 1 30 minute lunch). It's not a lot of time to get some short walks in and eat lunch or a snack. I had to get a little creative. I bring things easy to eat between calls like apple slices and grapes.

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5/18/18 11:14 P

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Try taking finger foods in a bento. Google bento lunch systems and loads of them will show up. You can put cherry tomatoes in one container, grapes in another, cut veggies and a small container of salad dressing in another ... it's unlimited.

Here's a link to a team I host. The team photo is of my bento box:

It comes with a knife and fork and a little bottle I fill with unsweetened iced tea.

If you are able to eat bars and such, you could eat from your bento, I think. Could that work?

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5/18/18 7:02 P

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Weird, I had the opposite effect. I lost a lot of weight while working in restaurants. Tasting amazing food all day definitely kept me satisfied.

I find that stress has a much more deleterious effect on my weight than good food.

But good luck in your journey. Hopefully others will be able to give you some good tips.

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5/18/18 5:41 P

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Hello. I work at Hoss's Steak and Sea house. I have lost a significant amount of weight, but recently have started to fluctuate recently and I know it is because of my job and stress at home. The stress at home I can handle. I am looking for tips to continue to stay on track with my life style change and not fall back into old habits. Here is the deal. There is no mandatory breaks for me because of what position I work. I am also not a minor or a server who are guaranteed breaks. So sometimes I go without a meal and my snacks that I would normally have at home and at my previous job. I do take meal bars and snack bars with me and drink plenty of fruit infused water while I am at work. A lot of my shifts are 7+ hours and I do get breakfast and dinner at night, but it does not seem like it is enough. I find myself grazing some days and I will admit, not on the healthy stuff. I tend to not sample what I am making or putting out onto the bars but some days it is harder than others. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me. What meal bars I should look into and snack bars that will keep me full longer. Water goes so far and I do not drink soda there, though I could. Any ideas or tips are welcomed. Side note, I love my job and do not want to quit because it is derailing all my hard work.

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