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3/16/18 11:21 A

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3/9/18 11:11 A

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Hope you figured something out and having a great visit!

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2/17/18 7:47 A

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I love all the suggestions you got! I imagine that since it is now Saturday morning, you are probably already having a blast visiting your family. Hopefully you brought some of your own snacks.

If you go to restaurants, it can be helpful to look for their menu online. Some of the bigger, chain restaurants have nutrition information too. Even if the nutrition isn't available, you can at least make decisions on what you get. For example, get a side salad or fruit instead of fries or pass on the bun if you got with a hamburger. If whatever you get is so huge when it comes, get a box immediately and put half into it or order an entree to share and maybe get a side salad. (Some restaurants may charge a little bit for a split fee but it may be worth it as you are saving on calories and the cost of a full 2nd entree.)

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2/16/18 2:23 P

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I think it would be helpful to offer to do some grocery shopping and cook some of the meals. When others cook. Watch your portions. If your family isn't big on veggies. Cook some extra for yourself. With enough to share. Should anyone want them.

When it comes to going out to eat. Look at the menu. See if you can make a better choice. Many restaurants now offer something healthy and yummy. So that you don't feel deprived.

~Just my .02 cents. Not sure that it is worth that much~


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2/16/18 2:03 P

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If you wish to go "unnoticed", it may be good to eat what they eat, but half plate only, and fill up the plate with vegetables (you may have to bring them for yourself).
Same for desserts: half a portion with some fruit.
It is easier if you have a plan.
Good luck!


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2/8/18 6:56 P

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If there are restaurants or meals that you think are better options then hint around those. If they ask about food in advance, ask if you are going to that nice little Italian place with the great caprese salad that you went to the last time. If the family coleslaw recipe is one of the lighter/better options, ask if you are going to grill out and have Aunt Sue's coleslaw (I live in Florida, so this is practical right now, your mileage may vary with the expected snowfall). So instead of focusing on what you can't have or you shouldn't have, suggest/bring up/ask for the better options as a starting place. You can also offer to take them out to a restaurant and choose somewhere that you want to go and can find easy options at .

One other thing to remember is that as long as you are eating below your maintenance calories you will lose weight. So if your maintenance calories are 2000 and your loss range is 1200-1550, you can choose to eat anywhere below 2000 and still lose weight, or even at 2000 and maintain your weight. I mention this because learning how to eat in some situations is more difficult than others and it can be a lot easier to stick to a higher calorie range as you start the transition. You can scale it down later, but you might find that sticking to 1800 instead of 1200 gets you a good foothold and you can work your way down from there. Yes, it will mean a slower loss, but learning new strategies for old situations, particularly when other people's feelings are involved, isn't easy. For all you know what they are offering you is the "healthier" version that they got just for you, even if it's nowhere near what you would have chosen for yourself. There is also a point where you absolutely have to take control of what you are doing and not let anyone else's feelings get in the way. You have to decide where you want to be between accepting everything and rejecting everything.

-google first. ask questions later.

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2/8/18 3:09 P

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When I'm visiting my own family, I typically offer to cook and do the grocery shopping and my mom is always very grateful for the break. I then make the tastiest healthy meals I have in my repertoire so my dad doesn't complain about eating healthy ;)

When visiting in-laws, I'm not that bold because I don't think my MIL would appreciate being kicked out of her kitchen. In that case, I just take small servings of what's on offer, loading up on a healthy option if it's included (like if she makes meatloaf and mashed potatoes, I take a small serving of that and then load up on the green beans that she also includes and everyone else ignored). I do also bring my own snacks, like fiber one and Kind bars.

Restaurants are easier actually because most do have healthy options, just look them up online or on your phone while there, if you can.

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2/8/18 1:22 P

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You could offer to fully prepare a meal and maybe buy some of the groceries for that meal. Hopefully inlaws and parents have veggies and fruit in the refrigerator, eggs. Lots of water for you while you're away!!! Sure, why not take some healthy snacks that way you can eat lots of salads in those restaurants, knowing you have a healthy something in your suitcase!!! Good luck and above all have a great visit.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,763
2/7/18 5:36 P

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Going out to eat should not be an issue... I have never been anywhere where there wan't healthy choices.

It IS okay to say 'no thank you' to food.
Remember your portion sizes, and have a great visit.

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2/7/18 4:36 P

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So I am going home to visit my family and my in-laws..both of which don't exactly have the healthiest diets. Plus they love to go out to eat when we come home. Do any of you have any tips on what to do? I don't want to be rude by turning some of their food down, but I am trying to stick with this healthier lifestyle. I am also considering taking home some healthy snacks just in case.


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