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4/21/20 2:51 A

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As long as there are sheep, there will be folks with clippers standing in line to fleece them. Didja ever hang up on a telemarketer in a huff because they just interrupted something important like filing your nails or trimming nose hair? Once you calm down and return to your normally placid and reflective state of being you think to yourself... who the hell *doesn't* hang up on these people? That's when it dawns on me that these clowns would have no possible reason on earth to do it if there wasn't some small predictable percentage of folks out there who are just clueless enough to actually carry on a conversation with them and even worse, cough up a credit card number to get their health insurance improved or their automobile repaired for life. So... if there be hustlers in the rather specialized areas of Medicare ripoffs and auto maintenance contracts it certainly has to make selling gimmicks and miracles to us folks who are fat and out of shape a breeze. We're always on the lookout for that magic bullet. As Carl Sagan said, billions and billions. He was talking stars and I'm talking coin of the realm to be had fleecing an ever-increasing flock.

What was the question? I ramble a lot. Oh yeah, I recommend equipment-free exercise every chance I get. Not shelter in place, but exercise in place, wherever that might be. No dues, no setup costs, no equipment to buy... ever. All for free. Make it complete by getting your nutrition from your diet so no supplements are needed. Once again free, 'cause you gotta eat no matter how good or bad your choices are, just choose the good ones. Anyway, a great point!


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4/12/20 8:18 A

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Yes, I think most people who have any knowledge in healthy living, know adding weight in that way is a great way to potentially cause harm. I'll stick to my dumbells and resistance bands and body weight exercises. I love running and walking too to get my heart rate up and keep my bones in good order.

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4/11/20 8:28 P

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As a master's level EP with 25 years experience; nothing bugs me more than gimmick after gimmick and people taking advantage of most people's ignorance or lack of info, whatever you want to call it. Shark tank and wrist weights motivated this post and it's just crazy that people still think there is significant physiological benefit to making your wrists and/or ankles heavier.

Open up your eyes and brain, consumers. Please. There not only is not only no benefit, but possible risk of injury and overuse injury.

Stay safe people and remember, low impact aerobic exercise and old fashioned resistance reps have been around for 300 years and will be around for 300 more.

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