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7/18/19 9:29 P

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thanks everyone! 😁

7/18/19 8:47 P

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If you're sore, I'd recommend an active recovery day. Instead of sitting on the couch which can make you more stiff, take a walk, do a yoga class or do some other kind of light activity to keep your body moving. That can also help make the soreness go away more quickly.

If you're significantly sore, I wouldn't recommend pushing through it and doing another hard workout. Take it easy until that subsides a little more.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 31,499
7/18/19 7:36 P

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" I'm a bit sore/stiff in my legs/thighs"
This, as you describe it, is totally normal.
Make sure you stretch out, before and after.

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7/18/19 4:30 P

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As the title says, if someone has sore muscles or tightness as i don't know how else to describe it, should they exercise that day?

I worked out this week tuesday and yesterday (wed) and tuesday I went to zumba was a little sore but went to a kickboxing circuit yesterday and I'm a bit sore/stiff in my legs/thighs. I would like to have 3 days of working out under my belt. I would skip today but the gym is not open tomorrow when I'm available and the weekend I have plans so I cannot go then.

I'm still new to fitness so sorry if this is a no brainer to some but I just wanted some opinions. Thanks. :)

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