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1/18/19 9:14 P

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My doctor's advice: "The best way not to get diabetes is to eat like you already have it."
So along those lines: have you asked your doctor for a referral to a Diabetes Education class, or a Registered Dietician? If not, please start there. They can evaluate your current eating patterns and make suggestions specific for you. The most likely scenario is to find a better balance of carbs to healthy proteins and fats. I'm presuming you are already pre-diabetic...and those of us who are, generally have to lower our carbs at least somewhat for our bodies to respond.

What might work for me...might not be right for you. Please find some professional help....

While you are waiting for appointments, etc, , I would suggest that you track on here so you can take that information with you. Have you set up your SPark program for the Diabetes Meals? That will at least head you in the right direction and give you ideas for "what" and "how much" would be a good place to start! Spark also has a Diabetes Challenge here.... great articles and some accountability can't hurt!! all the best,

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1/16/19 2:59 P

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You might post what a typical day's food is like for you. It's possible you aren't eating enough so your body is holding onto the weight? Personally, I won't lose if I eat very low calorie; I do best eating 1500 to 1800 calories a day, eating very little if any sugar (other than a bit of raw honey or organic maple syrup), low carbs and higher protein and healthy fats. The higher protein and healthy fats are what keep me feeling satisfied and not hungry. BTW - I'm 61, female, and I exercise at least an hour a day at least 5 days a week.

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1/16/19 11:46 A

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The majority of your weight loss progress comes from diet, not exercise. Do you track your food? About how many calories are you eating daily? If you're eating too few, that could slow your weight loss down. If you have issues with eating lots of different foods, you might want to ask your doctor for a referral to see a registered dietitian who can help create a meal plan specific to your needs.

As far as exercise goes, I recommend a combination of cardio and strength training. Be sure to change up your routine regularly since your body quickly gets used to doing the same thing all the time.

if it's only been a few weeks, I don't know that it's time to panic just yet. Weight loss can take time and even if it's not happening quickly, if you're doing it in a healthy way your doctor will likely be happy about that progress.

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1/16/19 10:57 A

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1/16/19 10:55 A

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@Lisalu910 Not rly, I don’t drink too much if not any sugary drinks. No alcohol, sugary smoothies etc. occasionally I’d drink a can or a glass of coke but other than that I don’t take any sugary drinks or sugar in fact. I’ve stopped taking sugar and rather use a teaspoon of honey with tea. Tea, water and raw lemon water are the only drinks I take so I don’t know if sugar’s the problem. But yes, my sugar levels were high a few months ago which have fortunately come down according to my much recent tests. But I’ll try and limit such drinks even more and see if that helps. Thx!

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1/16/19 9:26 A

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You sound like my husband. He doesn't eat much - I know this for a fact because I live with him - because he easily gets indigestion. He can't eat very large meals, and is often full after a few bites (at mealtime, I eat more than he does!) But he is 60 lbs overweight and it won't budge.

His problem, I think, isn't his food intake but his beverage intake. No, he doesn't eat much, but he drinks a LOT of sugary drinks which he believes are "healthy" because they're not soda pop. He drinks a huge amount of honey in his coffee in the morning. He drinks a large sugar-sweetened lemonade for lunch each day. He buys bottled smoothies that he thinks are "healthy" but which contain 35 gms of sugar and 150 calories per serving (the same as a Coke!) He also snacks on sugary granola bars when he's out running around and unable to get a proper meal. Again, he thinks they're "healthy" because they're granola, but they have as much sugar as a candy bar.

Of course I don't know if any of that applies to you, so I'm not pointing fingers. I just know I live with someone who eats very little for the same reasons you do - gassiness, reflux, indigestion - but who can't lose weight and this is my assessment of his situation. (I am gently "nagging" him to cut back on the sugar, but it has to be his decision to do it.)

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1/16/19 8:32 A

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I’m a 48 yr old woman of South Asian descent. I’m in dire need to lose at least 10 kgs asap preferably within the next 4 months (DOCTOR’s ORDERS). Or else I face huge risk of developing diabetes. I don’t eat much and after listening to my doctor I’ve reduce my calorie intake even more. Besides, I was never someone to be fascinated about eating as I very bad acid reflux problems and various kinds of food make me gassy. I don’t work and thus am a stay at home mom so I do light housework and try to jog on the treadmill for an hour regularly. But regardless of my low calorie intake and moderate exercise for the past few weeks, I’ve been unable to lose any noticeable weight. I’m still 85 kgs whereas my goal and healthy weight is about 65 kgs. A few days ago I saw 83.2 on the scale and later it went back to 85. I don’t have any thyroid problems or any health issues which would restrict me from losingn weight so I don’t understand why I can’t lose any weight. I need serious and urgent help so plz if anyone ya sandy experience or advice, shoot. I’m open to anything and everything. I just NEED to lose 10 kgs before something bad happens. Thanks in advance.

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