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1/14/19 12:07 P

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Talking with a physical therapist may be the best idea just to be sure the pain isn't also in combination of something else going on and they can give you a proper workout for your needs.

Aside from that though, you may want to take a look in the Exercise Library to get some exercises to work those areas (you can enter the body part you want to strengthen, the equipment you have, etc):
. You can also get there by going to the Learn tab, select Fitness, then Exercise Library.

But having at least a discussion with a physical therapist would be ideal, as well as having a very supportive bra and supports bra.

Coach Denise

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1/12/19 1:04 P

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When I went to a physical therapist last year for neck of the exercises he gave me was to improve my upper body muscles. He gave me thin flat band material...but your resistance bands might work just as well IF you can secure them. Perhaps the center of a long one through the door jamb, with a rolled towel in the middle of it behind the door?? Or wrap one around a post or a tree in front of your house or on your porch--LOL?!

Secure the band behind a door jamb at shoulder height. (I found it works if the door is closing towards you!! Dont' work to pull open the door or it will end up in your face!) Place band so it is centered, and you have two equal lengths to grasp on to. Position yourself facing the door jamb with your arms at shoulder height, arms extended, grasping the band ends about 12": from the door. Tighten your back by pulling your shoulders back so your should blades are closer together. Now pull the bands towards your shoulders to work those muscles. Repeat 10x; 2 or 3 sets.

Hope I explained this well. I could really feel the pull...!!

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1/12/19 10:25 A

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Get some really good bras that lift and support the girls.

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1/11/19 10:39 P

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All my adult life, I've had a big chest. I regularly deal with discomfort in my mid- and upper-back because of this. I'm working on building strength (started judo 4 months ago and LOVE it), and I'm in the best shape I've been in years. However, I haven't seen as much improvement in my back discomfort as I would like.

I would love:
1) ideas on the best stretches to work my mid and upper back, especially between the shoulder blades; and,
2) ideas on exercises that help balance the strain that my chest puts on my body and minimize / prevent the pain altogether.

I'm not in a place to pursue a breast reduction, I'd rather try to resolve this without going the surgery route.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Edited to add:
Equipment I currently have: exercise ball, foam roller, light hand weights, yoga mat, resistance bands, good running shoes. I am willing to get gear if it will help and is not expensive.

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