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12/28/18 4:50 P

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Well, as you're a beginner and new to exercise, I imagine you would be seriously aching after doing Jazzercise, no matter who you are. You're starting off doing stuff that's too difficult for you! Set that aside, and do gentle things. Try walking for about five minutes each day. Wear your most comfortable shoes. If you can afford it, get some running shoes that are well-padded. The more cushion that you have in your shoe, the less likely you are to suffer from the shock of walking, you know, from hitting the pavement. Another thing that might be better would be to use an exercise bike or an elliptical machine. A lot of people like pool exercises, because when you're in the pool, it takes the stress off of your body. Gravity is way less in a pool. Do try and get some physical therapy too, if you can. Sitting exercises might help you as well. You might ask your doctor about taking a pain relieving medicine. You get the best results with that if you are taking it on a regular schedule, because once you are at a certain level, when the pain medicine reaches a certain level in your bloodstream, you start to feel better. And for most people who truly need daily pain medicine, that takes at least three days. But check with your doctor. Many recommend Tylenol (acetaminophen), because it doesn't cause as many problems as NSAIDs do. I prefer ibuprofen myself, because I am allergic to acetaminophen. But it can cause bleeding problems. But if you can take acetaminophen, you might try that first. Remember, three days! And you can't skip doses, just because you feel better. Or the level in your bloodstream will start to go down and it won't help you any more. That's why it's so important to stick to a strict schedule with it. Get an appointment, if you can, with your primary care physician to talk about pain medicine and safe exercise and try to get a referral for physical therapy. Good luck!

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12/27/18 9:19 P

Summermelodies - I like your saying “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.” I am in the process of beginning to retrain my mind about living healthy.

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12/27/18 10:51 A

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This is an issue that my dear husband deals with, too. I wish I knew the answer. Both of us were computer specialists (now retired), and that meant a whole lot of sitting hunched over keyboards, staring at "terminals" -- maybe the early version of "text neck?" I am fairly sure that my husband's weakness is that all of that sitting kind of deadened his gluteal muscles, and so any time he does active things, his back starts to ache after a little while.

Like you, OP, we've been the chiropractic route, and tried acupuncture for a while, too. He does seem to feel a little bit better after we do some yoga - we went to about 6 months of classes at a local community center until the weather got cold. I'm trying to encourage my husband to keep doing some yoga, at least, at home. There is a YouTube channel, called "Yoga with Adriene" that I really, really like, and it's easy to find gentle routines to do at home.

I'll definitely be interested in how things go for you!

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12/20/18 9:48 P

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I think that it is better to take a break whenever you feel like your muscle is sore. You wouldn't want to make the situation worst so you might as well give yourself a break.

12/19/18 6:28 P

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I join in on the "what does your doctor say?" theme!! Back pain can be caused by many issues: muscle pain; joint damage; nerve issues; or even referred from hip/sacroiliac joints. And exercise which might benefit one weak muscles...could aggravate joint damage. So having some professional help to sort it out would be valuable I think. Also, asking for a referral to physical therapy can put you on the right track.

Keeping a small diary while you are waiting for an appointment will help your doctor determine the most likely course of action. If Jazzercise hurts---and I presume that is a lot of quick, abrupt changes in direction--- but simply walking doesn't...those can be valuable clues.
Does it hurt more during, after exercise...or later at night when you are trying to sleep? etc, etc, etc...

Your other option is just back off your exercise for a few weeks... say 15 min of jazzercise, and see if it gets better in about 5 weeks. Have you tried relaxing the muscles with heat prior to exercise? Or, if you have a specific spot of pain, icing after exercise? Many times back pain will spontaneously "heal" and diminish.... All the best,

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12/19/18 2:37 P

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Has your chiropractor identified any issues that they think are causing the pain? Have you talked to your doctor about it? Without knowing for sure what's causing the pain, it's hard for us to suggest exercises that we can be sure wouldn't cause further issues.

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12/19/18 1:47 P

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Pain means something is wrong. Doing things that make it worse is not the thing to do. Especially things like Jazzercise!

Try some seated exercises, or something that your doctor recommends you do.

Edited to ask: Have you seen a doctor about this? What is your diagnosis?

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12/19/18 11:35 A

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Hi everyone!

I'm a 25-year-old woman and I'm trying to use Sparkpeople as a starting point to get back into shape. I want to lose 30 pounds to start and see where I can go from there. The issue is I've had back pain for a long time, and it used to be manageable but I'm finding now I'm at a point where it's making workouts difficult and painful to struggle through.

I've been going to a chiropractor for the past month, which has helped in general, but it seems that no matter what I do, my low back starts to ache. Even simple side bends/stretches are causing some tension and pain. I know I need cardio, but after 34 minutes of a Jazzercise video on YouTube, my back is really aching. I don't really know what I can do. Any suggestions?

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“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”

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