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11/20/18 5:33 A

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When you lose weight, your body not only consumes your fat (and glycogen) for energy, it consumes protein as well -- including the skin your body no longer needs as you lose weight. But if you lose weight *rapidly* your body doesn't consume this protein sufficiently to avoid lose skin. Besides slower weight loss (and I've yet to read an article suggesting that rapid weight loss is necessary), you can add muscle building to your regimen.

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11/19/18 3:56 P

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The only way to know if you'll have loose skin is to lose the weight!

It definitely helps that you're relatively young.

I've lost over 40lb since I started losing weight (started at 265 on a 5'9" frame), and while I do have loose skin, it's pretty much all from being pregnant, not from losing weight. My arms are a little jiggly with loose skin, but my thighs/legs are not, just the belly that carried 2 babies. I'm 36, last baby was born when I was 29.

Honestly, living with some loose skin is WAY, WAY better than living life 40+lb over what I'm at now, and I still have more weight to lose. It's annoying, but I've learned ways to cope, like wearing a snug-fitting bathing suit when I run to act as a sort of "bra" for my loose belly skin.

If you truly end up with medical issues because of the loose skin, like chronic infections, that can put you in the category of medical need for the surgery to remove it.

So my advice would be, stop worrying about the loose skin, and just focus on losing the weight slowly (1 lb/week is a good rate) and consistently. Your skin may or may not rebound/tighten, but you won't know until you do it!

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11/18/18 1:30 A

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Well, you've covered all the things you can do in an attempt to avoid it, so all that's left is to do it. Lose a pound a week and next year at this time you'll have your answer.

I can make a pretty certain statement with regard to not losing the weight and that is that some loose skin is a picnic compared to what obesity does to you as you grow older. Another point is that you have the benefit of youth and still elastic skin. Lose the weight and keep it off because the repeated stretching of yo-yo dieting coupled with the effects of aging will give you no options other than surgery or living with it unless they come up with miracles by then.

My advice; lose the weight and keep it off. Worry about the cosmetic effects of it after the fact. Good luck and never, ever quit!


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11/17/18 9:56 P

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Being young is definitely a plus.

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11/17/18 4:35 P

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" I am looking for some advise on the best ways to having the highest chance to prevent loose skin from losing weight."

You already have the answer...
"I have read that losing it very slowly 1-2 lbs per week, being younger, staying hydrated and toning your body with strength training while losing weight is key"

The only thing you left out is genetics.

Healthy with some loose skin is much preferable than being unhealthily filled out with fat, right?

ETA: while strength training will work your muscles, it does not eliminate loose skin.

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11/17/18 4:04 P

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Hi all,

I am making an early start on a new years resolution to finally lose the weight and be healthy this year. At the end of 2019 I will turn 30 and I've made a dedication to try my hardest to be at a healthy weight or close to it by the time I turn 30 and leave being overweight and unhealthy in my 20s.

I have about anywhere from 50-80 pounds to lose to get there. 50 Would make me much healthier and 80 would be a dream to get down that far to be at a 'healthy' BMI..

Here is my question for y'all that have successfully gone down this road. I am looking for some advise on the best ways to having the highest chance to prevent loose skin from losing weight. This is honestly my mainly biggest concern is losing the weight and then having to pay for surgery to get rid of excess skin as I personally wouldn't be able to live with that as I have skin issues already and wouldn't want to chance it becoming infected.

So I am 29 with at most 80 lbs and at a minimum of 50 lbs to lose. I have read that losing it very slowly 1-2 lbs per week, being younger, staying hydrated and toning your body with strength training while losing weight is key.

Does anyone have any tips on the best ways to do this that have worked for you to not have loose skin or have very little, or perhaps had loose skin but it tightened up over time?

Such things as examples of what strength training worked the best, how much to do , etc and any other tips or help on how to best limit the amount of loose skin? Seeing a lot of loose skin would most likely deter my effects to lose the weight so I would like to be proactive in doing what I can to prevent this.

Very appreciative of any help and tips and success stories that anyone could provide.

Thanks so much :)

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