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9/12/18 1:30 A

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9/10/18 4:17 P

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Gardening, shoveling, raking, cleaning and digging are all choices I use depending on what I’ve been doing.

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9/10/18 10:49 A

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Also-- you can google calories burned for farm work, or calories burned cleaning chicken coop (or whatever) and there may be other sites that have estimated calories burned per minute for those things. Then in the Spark Fitness Tracker, there is a way to enter those exercises. Underneath the "Search" button, it says "Enter your own exercise". Click on that and you can set up an entry for whatever you want.

I've set up a few things that way myself.

Ruth in Cookeville, TN Central Time Zone

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9/7/18 2:04 P

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Gardening is an entry in the fitness tracker. Heavy cleaning might be another option for you.

Coach Jen

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9/7/18 1:58 P

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Back in the old days there were NO gyms. People weren't often overweight. They worked out by doing stuff in their yards, or wherever.

I now have a farm, small hobby farm perhaps, but a farm none-the-less.

I am trying to track: yardwork. No entries to track under. Gardening: No entries to track under. I didn't even bother to look for "mucking out the chicken coop".

I am joining a gym for knee flexibility and strength after surgery, but I am doing lots of other cardio and strength work here. HOW DO YOU TRACK THIS STUFF? Or is everyone just at a "gym" these days?

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Working on healthy: Nutritious, sustainable, day to day, low carb-ish living. AND getting out and about and exercising... Yep, better do that!

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