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8/28/18 11:18 A

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I would also recommend seeing a nutritionist/dietitian (I know they're no the same), and also possibly look into working with a trainer. They can work with you on diet tweaks, adding strength training and higher heart rate activites to your workout, and overall lifestyle modifications.

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8/28/18 6:40 A

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I am with @MARTHA324.Start tracking your food for 2 to 3 weeks. That will give you the best picture of where your nutrition is at.

From there, you can make goal to improve your eating. Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough healthy fat?

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8/27/18 7:51 P

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You write that you think you're eating about 1200 calories/day. Are you tracking your food? If not, I highly recommend it.

Hard to know why you aren't losing weight. What is the calorie range that Spark recommends? And it sounds as if you are exercising and getting in your cardio. Strength work is good too.

My recommendation is that you schedule some appointments with a nutritionist and/or registered dietitian. Track your food for a week or two before the appointment and bring the printouts with you. That way you'll have a baseline.

Personally I'm not a fan of keto/low carb. For me that isn't an approach I can live with forever. And what we do to lose weight is what we will be doing for life.

Good luck.

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8/27/18 5:18 P

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What is your sodium intake like?

A diet high in sodium will make your extremities swell to where you're basically swollen with water.

You certainly don't sound overweight, but maybe there are other things that could be causing it.

I'm so sorry you are struggling with this.


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8/27/18 5:18 P

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Are you doing any strength training?

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8/27/18 4:03 P

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Hello all! emoticon New here. So, WILL TRY and make this short. LOL I turned 50 in February and my body FAT/FLAB has changed for the worse slowly over the past 2 years. I have mild hot flashes and did have my thyroid checked-NORMAL. HMM?! Okay, so why can I lose weight? I just keep getting wider and thicker-what used to be average, stumpy legs now mirror short Vienna sausages! GRR! LOL I am 5’1 and average 126 pounds. YES! I am in normal weight range but the % of fat is not and my shape is different where literally, am down to a few pairs of pants. The rest are stuck in the closet that I wore a couple years ago.

DIET-I have tried the low carb, block diet at the gym (counting macros, fat-protein-carbs), “just watching it (sugars/carbs) overall food intake”. I just cannot lose weight! Rather see inches and looser clothes vs. the numbers on the scale but will take what I can get. I have been told by a few folks that I am not eating enough to lose. My body has been in starvation mode for a very long time. No, probably don’t get more than 1200 calories if that a day. What about the old “Calorie in vs. Calorie out” formula? I am all over the place as to what to do to lose this EXTRA fat for good. GRANTED, I just want to lose about 12 pounds…yes, gonna take LONGER for that reason and that my body has changed. HELP! To make matters worse, I have really tried to LIKE a lot of veggies, no luck. Still working on that-be patient! LOL I drink at least 128 oz. of water a day most days of the week and rarely diet soda, don’t smoke or drink. Always try to watch the sugar and kinda make low carb most of the way I eat. Rarely eat beef, fried foods, junk food. Once in while I break down and have something yummy in moderation. Got to live life! : )

EXERCISE-Don’t have a problem getting in 4 times a week using my tmill or one of my J. Michaels DVD’s or others I may have. Yes, do hear to workout 5-6 times a week to lose weight, no less or you are spinning your wheels. I try and walk most every day at work at lunch for 30 minutes just for a little extra activity but not counting it in getting my heart rate up.

*OVERALL-I have thought about maybe trying the KETO diet to lose the unwanted extra FAT and make that a way of life……………been told to stay with 1800 calories a day and that is the only way to lose is to fuel the body, eat 3 main meals and a couple snacks meeting the macros (40-30-30) and never starve your body of carbs which your body needs. GAH! I need to know what will work for me and how to get there. I have been trying so many diets (do this..don’t do that) I am so confused and disgusted. Too much information on the internet. I hate the way I look, nothing fits anymore and just in a bad funk but try and smile. I am healthy and the good LORD gave me another day, right! emoticon LOL

Folks out there been in my shoes……………Your thoughts! TIA


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