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9/6/18 10:06 P

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I never bring my phone on the gym floor when I’m working out. Imo it will just get in my way and I don’t need the distraction. I worked at a gym and you do see a lot of people just dillydallying and wasting their own workout. If I’m not working out, I’ll go sit on the sidelines lol.
I do find that I’m totally okay with a group sharing a machine as long as they are actually using it. Even when I brought two friends to my pretty-empty gym, I’d make sure to nudge them to do their reps even if they were chitchatting with me so they weren’t wasting extra time.

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9/6/18 9:15 A

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yes, all of these! don't hog equipment when you're resting between sets, wipe down your machines, re-rack your weights, don't stare at people while they're doing their cardio, and please don't give unsolicited advice re whether as a woman i should be using lower weights and higher reps vs heavier weights. if i can hear music from your headphones a foot away, it may be damaging your hearing!

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9/5/18 9:15 A

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My biggest pet peeve is when they don't wipe off the equipment. Who wants to use a treadmill after someone just sweated all over it. It's so gross!!

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9/2/18 2:40 P

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You are SO RIGHT! I had a gym membership for 10 yrs. and disliked how people would tie up the machines. When I retired from my job ,it was a lot easier as I went during the lunchtime when no one was around,but the mornings used to be the worst. Even when I had a trainer, we would always do our talking AWAY from the machines so people could use them.And I do NOT think it rude if you move someone's things when she is NOT using the machine;9 times out of 10 MOST people are NOT AWARE of what they are doing!!!!

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8/24/18 9:29 P

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I agree, I have seen people get hurt because they are talking on cell phone and trying to work out at same time. Or because I am a woman and lift fairly heavy weights for my size, I have had men not let me use their weights. Not really theirs, the gyms but told me I would have to wait until they were done. Or a couple of men outright told me no I couldn't use the weights. Or like you said hogging the benches. Not wiping the equipment and leaving sweat marks on the equipment and benches. Gross! And get unwanted comments or suggestions.
You are right that the behaviours you talk about are rude and discourteous.

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8/24/18 5:18 P

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I used to travel for a living so I've been to many different gyms. There are behaviours I see in all of them that to me seem very discourteous. But obviously not everyone agrees because of how common they are. So I'd like to have a discussion over whether or not they are discourteous.

To me you should only keep a piece of equipment tied up while you are actively using it. Maybe sitting on a bench for a half minute while you rest before a set is ok, but sitting there or on any equipment while you rest for several minutes, play with your cell phone, admire yourself in the mirror, or talk to your friends is discourteous. Someone else might want to use the equipment you have tied up.

Or sometimes a couple of friends keep a machine tied up while they take turns going through several sets and coach each other. I've seen people keep a piece of equipment tied up over ten minutes, and the majority of that time is resting between sets. If they are having a special session and bonding experience I'm happy for them, but they could have that and step away from the piece while they rest between sets, and then others could have a good experience too.

And then there's the ones that use one weight bench to set their stuff on while they use another bench, or various other pieces of equipment. Some gyms only have two benches, or if they have more someone might be using the other ones.

One time I wanted to use a leg press; two people were standing next to it talking but not using it. So I asked them very politely if they were using it, and the guy said (very rudely) "yes we are." They kept talking another five minutes or so and then started using the machine, keeping it tied up another ten minutes. And that gym only had one leg press. And the guy that answered my question was a personal trainer.

And then there's the guy who comes walking in slowly like he has all the time in the world, and slowly sets his things around a bench, and that bench is his for the entire hour or so he's there. He does various exercises on it, or next to it. But the majority of the time he has it tied up he's resting between sets.

I'm not above moving someone's things off a piece of equipment or asking if I can "work in with them" (a polite way of saying stop keeping this thing tied up when you aren't actually using it). Usually they are cooperative (and even a little apologetic), but sometimes they act like I slapped them across the face or something.

I've timed myself. It takes me between a half minute and a minute to go through the 10 - 12 reps I normally do. If everyone just does their exercise and then gets off the equipment while they rest no one will have to wait long, if at all.

I don't mind waiting a reasonable amount of time, and I can work around rude people by rearranging whatever I planned on doing. But that doesn't make these things any less rude. We all have to share the equipment. Most of us are very aware of that and act accordingly, but there are a few that seem oblivious to it, and those few can be a nuisance for the rest of us.

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