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7/30/18 7:28 P

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Exactly what was said. There are reasons behind it which have to do with water, water retention, fat burning and how our cells process things, but that's all pretty science-y and detailed.

Basically, it boils down to the simple fact that weight loss is NOT linear, and "wooshes" are quite common. It's the long term that matters.

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7/30/18 5:12 P

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Because weight loss is never linear, even though you think it "should" be.

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7/30/18 4:25 P

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Whenever I start watching my diet and exercisig regularly ( every few months, i know I should be persistent) my "weight loss" which is never actually reflected on the scales ,even a lb, even though I loose 1-2 dress sizes comes off all of a sudden and not the gradual 1lb-2lb a week it should?
As in I can be dieting and exercising for 6 weeks and see no difference suddenly at week 8 I am 2 dress sizes down?
What is this? 😂

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