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7/30/18 6:43 A

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I use the 3M command hooks to store the bands. Both kinds, with and without handles can be hung. The flat bands are rather tough and don't puncture that easily.

As for paint color, I don't think anyone here can tell you what colors to use in your home. There isn't a magic color for exercise. :-)

As for motivational sayings, I guess that's somewhat personal too. I have my race medals hanging in my 3rd bedroom. One of my medal hangers says "Let the run fill you with joy" and the other 3 have Bible versus on them.

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7/29/18 9:08 P

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I own and live in a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom mobile home. The front of the mobile home has a smaller sized bathroom and next to it is a small bedroom.

That bedroom I'm planning to turn into a small at home gym workout area.

I have a recumbent bike and a few resistance bands the tubes and the flat ones and the loop ones. And even a set of them plastic sliding discs.

I have a nice little collection of a few odds and ends and even a nice sized older style bedroom dresser mirror I'm planning on updating the mirror and turning it into a workout mirror.

All I need to do is remove the diy shelves that the ex-roommate made and installed and then paint the walls and fill in a few holes. All in all a simple plan but I just don't know where all to start. First remove the stuff from the room and then paint.

But here's what I need help with dose anyone have any paint color advice or know of any places I can get some workout posters or motivational posters online. Or any tips on how to store the bands and tubes. The tubes have handles I can hang them but I don't want to hang the flat ones there so thin I don't want holes in them plus I don't really know how to store must of this stuff or even really know what all I will need. Any advice or tips please.

Thank You!

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