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7/5/18 1:08 P

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Are you planning on doing these all in the same day or break it up into 2-3 days per week for body area (ex: upper body on Monday, lower body on Tuesday, core on Wednesday, etc.)?

How did you come up with these particular exercises? Also, I don't see anything for abs or legs/lower body. When you strength train, you need to work on the opposite muscles too, for example, you have stuff listed for your back, but not your abs, so you do need to add in abs so that your back isn't overtrained and leaving your abs weakened. I see that you have biceps and triceps, so that's great, as is chest, shoulders and back. But you will need to add in abs and should work in lower body exercises as well for a better strength training program. We can't give specific recommendations on exercises for you to do, but it looks like you are almost there with it. If you are looking at reducing time, you may want to consider doing each muscle group 2 times a week on separate days instead of all in one day and that may help it feel like it doesn't take as much time compared to doing it all at once.

What is your goal with your strength training?

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7/4/18 7:16 P

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Help me with my exercise routine

I have too many exercises. Help me order and organize these exercises. I was trying to think that I can extend these exercises in a routine over a couple of days or whittle some down to avoid redundancys.

I was aiming for pull-push and to target all parts of my muscles using compounds primarily followed by isolation exercises going from bigger body part to smaller body part. It is recommended that you should do only two biceps exercises according to a number of sources, so I have two biceps exercises, one that targets long head and one that targets short head. I have incline push-ups to not only target the lower chest but to help me eventually do horizontal push-ups down the road as I cant do more than one horizontal push-up and cannot do more than one pull-up so I lack a lot of vertical pulls.


Chest supported row

One arm dumbbell row

dumbbell seated row

farmers walk


incline push-up

reverse grip bench press

dumbbell bench press

hex/svend press


arnold dumbell press

rear delt dumbbell row


close grip bench press

tate press

overhead extension


incline dumbbell curl

wide grip barbell curl


zottman curl

cross hammer curl

reverse curl

suitcase walk

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