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6/19/18 2:28 P

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First of all,

I do not think that is bad at all.

Second, if you really want to get your abs popping,

You can try two things,

You did not mention if you do any direct ab work--but, if you don't, start doing some slant-board sit-ups--do the reps slow and in control--and flex your abs hard at the top.

Next, is knee ups off the end of bench or chair--same thing, do the reps slow and in control.

Also, practice flexing your abs--and holding them flexed.

This well help bring out the definition in your abs.

Last point,

I know some people will say that training your abs--and flexing them, will do nothing, that abs are all about your diet--while this is true--after decades of training and flexing my abs--I can tell you that it does make a difference.

Hope this Helps.

6/19/18 1:19 P

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First, I think you are criticizing your body too much. I definitely wouldn't call that a thick layer of fat at all. We are always our worst critics, but truly, you should take it easier on yourself. There are a lot of things that play into whether you can have a 6 pack or not. Genetics play a good portion of the role of how defined those may be, as well as a few other things. Genetics are one thing that you can't change though.

That said, have you actually had your body fat percentage checked to see where you are with that? It takes a considerably low body fat percentage to show more definition than what you are and isn't always healthy or realistic for many people. We do have this article that I think you will find helpful:

Coach Denise

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6/19/18 7:22 A

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As a 40 year old, who’s had 2 kids (stretch marks) and an open hernia repair on my stomach (6 inch scar). I think you’re being too hard on yourself. I think you look great and don’t need to lose weight!

As a young lady I used to think my body was lacking (still do sometimes). I should have been strutting in bikinis when I was hiding under t-shirts.

Losing body fat is a whole body process. It will come off everywhere not just in your stomach.

I think you could work to add a little more muscle mass which might add weight to your frame but looks good.

What’s that saying - Skinny girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked!

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I'm not a doctor or dietitian. I'm just a real whole foods nutrition nerd.

I eat mostly vegetables, fats, meats, some fruit and dark chocolate. Unprocessed and preservative free food. And it's changed my life!

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6/18/18 6:11 P

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I have always used a calorie and exercise tracker. I am coming to you guys today with an issue that involves my biggest insecurity ! I am skinny fat, specifically in my stomach area. I always make sure I get in my calories for the day, and try to keep all my foods as whole and pure as possible. I rarely have cheat days, and when I do its usually a meal and not an entire day.... I exercise frequently, 3-5x a week. When possible I go to the gym to do lifting and weight training, but because its a half hour from my house between work and juggling life its very hard to get there. So most my workouts are at home HIIT training. I have been at it for almost a year now and I've seen minimal change in my biggest problem area :( you can see my abs underneath so clearly when I flex, but there is such a thick layer of fat that simply wont burn. I will put a picture in the post of a front and side view. Does anyone have ANY advice to get rid of this? I feel like I am never going to be satisfied with my progress if I cant get rid of this area

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