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6/16/18 6:16 A

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Are you going under target calorie range? Or possibly you aren’t close to ideal body weight. WHen we first start exercising we notice the most loss first few weeks then it slowly tapers off. If not any of these I would get checked with your doctor

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6/16/18 1:26 A

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Some of the answers lie in your height as well. If you're four foot nine then losing that rapidly might be okay for a short time but if you're five foot eleven it's probably not a good thing? Are you using the SparkPeople guidelines for calories and exercise?


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6/15/18 10:25 A

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Although it's normal to lose more quickly in the beginning, it does sound like you're losing a little fast. Your calorie intake sounds low based on your activity level. When you track your food in your SparkPeople Nutrition Tracker, what calorie range does the program give you? Do you mind sharing your goal weight?

One problem with losing too quickly is that a higher percentage of your weight loss comes from muscle, not fat. So I'd recommend boosting your calories up to help slow the weight loss down a little.

Coach Jen

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6/15/18 9:16 A

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I'm in my forties and recently went from 187 pounds to 169 in a month. I am now tlosing about a pound a day, which I heard was bad. I eat a protein rich 1400 calorie diet and exercise everyday for about and hour and a half. Mostly brisk walking, some yoga (3 days a week), and about 20mins of jogging. Will my weight loss slow down? I'm concerned about my body not being able to adjust to the weight loss if it comes of too quickly. Thanks for the insight.

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