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6/12/18 5:38 P

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Seems rather *excessive* as a starting point...100 crunches, really?! If you haven't been doing them regularly?!! While one might want to work up to that level...just for the fun of it... I really can't see any benefit for my body to do that many. Ditto for the rest of their list....

I've had some issues which have required physical therapy...and the most reps I've *ever* been told to do is 3 sets of 15. Consistency rather than excessive overuse of muscles, joints and tendons is far more effective and productive.

As for losing 10 lbs... I totally agree this is a fake fad regimen... Yeah, one might lose 10 lbs in two weeks, but if you are REALLY cutting down on calories and you have a lot to lose, you can do it also. Sustainable? No way....


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6/11/18 7:32 A

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6/11/18 6:35 A

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A few things to keep in mind:

You can't target fat loss to specific areas of the body. Your body will decide for itself where it wants to take the weight off and when.

The majority of your weight loss progress comes from diet, not exercise. Being active is very important, but you'll see the most results from changing what you eat. Start tracking your food in the SparkPeople nutrition tracker so you can see how you're doing relative to your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges and where you need to make changes.

You'll see some results from any workout program you try as long as it's challenging, especially if you've been inactive for a while. But given your current and goal weight, you're not likely to lose 10 lbs of fat in 2 weeks. Some of that is going to be water loss.

This looks like a pretty intense workout, especially if you haven't been exercising regularly, so I'd suggest starting with something a little less challenging and then you can build up from there. That way you're losing the weight in a way that's safe, healthy and can be sustained long term.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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6/11/18 5:13 A

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100 crunches
90 jumping jacks
80 lunges
70 squats
60 seconds of running in place
50 second plank
20 high knees
10 push ups

The idea is that if you do this routine once a day for 2 weeks or 14 days, you’ll lose 10 pounds.

Does the Drop 10 workout really work? I weigh 246 i'm not huge but not small. I wear a size 40/32 pants and xl/l shirts and I want to get own to like 220 maybe less and wear size 38-36/32 pants and L shirts and just be over all healthy. My main concern is my thighs stomach, and slight man boobs. I wanna slim down basically but i don't want like my head to be huge like when I reach my goal like a lollipop or Anthony Anderson....ya know Head mo mo head than i got body.

So does this Workout work and I mean i don't eat super healthy but i could eat better and i was gunna pair this workout with just healthy eating like fruits an baked meats type stuff......any suggestions an if this workout is bull any recommendations especially for the body areas I mentioned above.

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