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6/18/18 12:00 P

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I swim a lot.

What I have found to be an excellent protectant, other than a swim cap and swimmer's shampoo is,100% pure Glycerin! I found it at the drug store (Walgreen's). But you can find it just about anywhere they sell lotions. If it's not on the shelves, ask the pharmacist or manager to order it. I haven't looked, but you might find it on Amazon. Just be careful to read the "active ingredients". Many products say they contain 100% of an ingredient, but actually the product is mixed with other ingredients. I always look at the active ingredients of any product I buy. You just never know what they sneak in there. Lol.

How I use glycerin is, apply it before I don my swim cap or if you don't use a swim cap, liberally apply it to your hair. It is not a greasy oil. Don't be alarmed if you feel a little warmth after you put it on. It doesn't last more than 1-2 minutes. After that, you will find it feels like you haven't any lotion at all. Your hair may feel a little stringy and look shiny. Another thing glycerin does is, moisturize not just your hair, but your skin as well! If you like, you can use it right after you bathe. I like to smooth it over my wet skin. It locks the moisture in. After using it for several days, I can feel my skin is smoother and has more elasticity.

By the way, not only is it pure, but it's quite inexpensive. Plus, a little goes a very long way. :)

Good luck! emoticon

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6/7/18 5:13 P

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Yep, as much as I detest them, swim cap is your answer. Also, goggles will help if you have eye irritation from chlorine.

Great job! Swimming is awesome exercise!

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6/4/18 4:23 P

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Swim cap, and a swimmer's shampoo that counteracts the chlorine

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6/2/18 10:24 A

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OK, thanks! I'll try that.

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6/2/18 10:19 A

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swim cap really does help a lot.

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6/2/18 9:55 A

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Good Morning! Just looking for suggestions on how those of you that swim frequently protect your hair? Any products or routines that you can recommend? Trying to prevent dry, damaged hair. Swimming feels so good!!! Thank you!

Have a great Saturday! DeAnna

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