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URBANREDNEK Posts: 3,886
5/10/18 11:56 P

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First of all, a DD cup is not really extraordinarily large for a breast size (I wear 32H). Your issue with your body is that your STARTING weight was already well within the healthy range (at the low end, actually) and your CURRENT weight is at least 3.5kg below the absolute minimum for healthy. Of course your breasts seem too large when they are on seriously underweight body!

Please, please seek immediate medical help in learning how to properly care for both your physical and mental health. You need to learn how to see your body clearly, and you should get a medical assessment to determine if you have any vitamin / mineral / electrolyte deficiencies caused by you choosing to under-eat for so long. The extra weight lost was not fat --- it was bones, and muscle, and organs and you will need medical advice on how to safely restore your health.

While genetics gave you the base frame of bones, and the large breasts, you can eat properly and build up healthy lean muscle with strength training. Increasing your muscle will fill out the rest of your body to create the balance that you want, while keeping you healthy and fit. If you can, please seek out a trainer or dietitian who can help you with creating a healthy diet plan with enough calories to support gaining lean muscle and bone weight (likely at least double what you are eating now - lots of protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats).

Please take care of yourself and get the medical help that you need!

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"Science is not about building a body of known 'facts'. It is a method for asking awkward questions and subjecting them to a reality-check, thus avoiding the human tendency to believe whatever makes us feel good."

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SHOAPIE's Photo SHOAPIE Posts: 24,703
5/9/18 9:50 P

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emoticon weight loss will only change your breast a bit. Nothing can reduce their size except for reduction surgery.

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5/9/18 11:27 A

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Interestingly, I have found that when I lose weight, it almost always comes from my chest. But.. at my largest, I was 38DD/D, and at my smallest size, I was 34DD or 34D. Still a D. They were technically smaller, but I still had the same cup size. Of course, I'm a bit taller and heavier than you, so I don't quite have the same problems with clothes. I'm sure it's very challenging, especially at 19, to try to deal with a chest that size! But there's just not a way to target this area, especially. You could perhaps get some sports bras that tamp them down, or maybe do some searching online for the best way to dress for you body type.. I suggest searching for how to dress a petite, large-busted frame; there are a number of guides online! Feel free to PM me if you'd like me to find some links for you.

KELLY_R's Photo KELLY_R Posts: 3,111
5/9/18 9:41 A

There are no exercises or diets that tell your body to take fat away from certain areas of the body. Your body's genetics determine where it will store and remove fat.

The only time I see women lose mass in their breasts if if they're in an extreme calorie deficit - such as women doing body-building competitions or triathletes. But this STILL does not guarantee those lifestyles will be the answer for you personally.

You can do chest- and shoulder-strengthening exercises that can help "lift" the muscles beneath the breast tissue, which may help them appear a little more perkier, but it's not going to take fat away from your breasts. Again, that's up to your body's genetics.

It sounds like you just have naturally large breasts, and if they disturb you and cause discomfort, breast reduction surgery may be your only answer.

I know you said you don't think your insurance would cover it (or rather your parents wouldn't assist), but you might want to consider getting on your own insurance plan - and again if the size of your breasts are creating true physical pain for you, then your insurance may cover some of the cost.

LENNASY Posts: 1
5/9/18 9:23 A

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I currently weigh 46 kg and my height is 163 cm.
I have been losing weight for over a year now, my start weight was 57 kg.
I have really large breasts, I'm a 32 DD, I started this weight loss journey mainly because no clothes fit me properly and I look weird in everything.
I never want to go to the beach because whenever I put a swim suit on its tight from my boob area and it doesn't fit me properly over the rest of my body.
I'm always in baggy clothes and I put half of my breasts inside my bra cups and I wrap bandages around the lower half to make my chest seem smaller.
I'm so devastated because I've lost so much weight but I keep losing it from my waist, hips, thighs and back.
My breasts just won't shrink and my body is so disproportionate it makes me feel so horrible I'm always in my dads clothes.
I can't get breast reduction surgery, My parents would never pay for that surgery. Im an Egyptian citizen we don't have free healthcare or anything like that.
I'm 19 years old and my body has been like this since I was 12.
Is there a certain way I could target that area? With my diet or excercise?
I'm vegetarian and I only drink almond milk, however I do enjoy an occasional grilled cheese or a nice ice cream tub.(I make sure to keep it within my daily caloric intake limit) I eat eggs. No rice, no pasta, no bread. I eat a lot of vegetables, yoghurt and cereal bars.
I don't do any excercises beside walking( I'm a college student so I walk a lot around campus) my daily average is about 9k steps a day.
Are there specific excercises that I could do at home that would help me lose a couple of cup sizes as well?

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