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3/31/18 9:43 A

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I wasn't exercising at all when I set up my spark. I will recalculate. And I'll cut out one and intensify the others. Also I will get heavier weights. Thanks SO much!

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3/30/18 8:39 P

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Don't know. When I was losing weight I got at least 30 mins of cardio/day and it was only when I was close to my goals that I added strength and also upped the cardio. IMO it is really about the calories that we eat and the better the quality the better it is. Exercise is just plain good for us.

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3/30/18 7:17 P

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Generally speaking, once you get to being able to do 30-40 minutes of cardio, you are better off adding more intensity to your workouts, rather than more time (unless you are training for an endurance event (eg. 10K).

If I've got this right, you are doing 2x30 mins of cardio, 30 mins of aerobic dance (more cardio) and 20 mins of strength training - nearly 2 hours of exercise a day. That is a lot to be doing on just 1500 calories per day.

When you consistently undereat for your exercise level, one of the things that the body does to try to close the gap is sacrifice muscle, which slows down your metabolism and can make longer term weight loss hard, and increases your risk of injury.

Including strength training in your program can help slow down this muscle loss. But what happens when many people measure ST by duration is that they are lifting too light. For ST to be effective, you need to lift heavy and challenge your muscles at close to their maximum capacity.

Also, ST works by creating microscopic tears in your muscle fibers, which then grow back stronger - but it takes 48-72 hours for this to happen, which means just 2-3 ST sessions per week to allow your muscles sufficient recovery time between ST sessions. It is possible to follow a split routine of strength training a different muscle group (eg. upper body, lower body and core) every day, so that each muscle group gets sufficient rest.

In short, I would recommend:
* cutting one of the 30 minute cardio sessions, and increase the intensity of the remaining one.
* focus on increasing the quality of your ST sessions by lifting heavy
* recalculate your fitness goals in Spark based on this new routine, and see what intake Spark recommends for that activity level.

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3/30/18 5:38 P

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When you set up your SparkPeople account, what calorie range did they give you (based on your goals, activity level, etc)?

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3/30/18 4:39 P

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Btw I do thirty minutes of aerobic dance a day too.

3/30/18 4:32 P

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I do two thirty minute sessions of cardio and one twenty minutes session of strength training a day and eat about 1500 calories a day. I read in an article here on spark not to overdo cardio. Could I be hendering my weight loss? Because I'm not losing like I'd expect. Thanks in advance for any advice on what I should do.

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