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3/15/18 5:57 P

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Hope you get some professional answers soon....

As far as having had that sort of pain... yeah.... nothing serious in my case. I had been taking up bicycling recently...and my hip started hurting. Went in for an evaluation and my doctor sent me to the phys therapist. She evaluated me...and every single exercise that should have caused my hip to hurt more--didn't! But every single low back exercise made the hip hurt more! Surprise--I needed to work on my low back exercises.... problem solved. (And, because my abs were about as out of shape as my low back... they "hurt" as well...) Look up "referred pain"; its not all that uncommon. If nothing else, you will spend your time learning something good.

Take care and keep us posted.

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3/15/18 2:08 P

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Oh, idk. No I haven't had that kind of pain, but my DH and I have each faced several health issues. All I can say is what someone told me decades ago-- and it's stuck with me. Worrying is like rocking in a chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere. I'd say the same thing applies to imagining what kind of horrible thing it *could* be. Chances are, it's none of the things you're imagining.

The best course of action is to leave it in the hands of the medical professionals. If your doctor thinks it's ok for you to exercise, then you can do that. If no exercising for the time being til they figure it out-- then you can focus on nutrition.

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3/15/18 1:06 P

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Hi Everyone! This is a little off topic, but I'm just looking for some suggestions or reassurance. I HAVE seen a doctor and I'm having some follow up tests today, but just looking for discussion in the meantime.

About three weeks ago, I started getting low back pain and pain in my lower abdomen. Long story short, the back pain has migrated to the side of my right hip and the back pain is on and off. The abdomen pain was never severe, just a dull ache and its pretty much gone but sort of comes back every now and then. I kind of feel like the abdomen pain is a result of the back pain, but my doctor still is sending me in for an ultrasound (to check for ovarian cysts) and an x-ray this afternoon.

Has anyone had weird back pain that has migrated to the hip? It occasionally goes up to the middle of my back, but not frequently. I've had no other symptoms - no fever, appetite change, energy change, etc - so I'm trying to stay positive and chalk it up to a weird injury maybe from my posture or walking stride. The hip pain is throbbing, not constant and goes away when I walk. It doesn't feel like a muscle issue.

I want to start working out again and have considered doing some yoga, but I'm just looking to see if anyone has had a similar pain and what it ended up being, how you exercised around it and any other support you might have. Thanks in advance!

ETA: I typically catastrophize everything, so in my head I have some form of cancer or other debilitating disease. If it sounds like I'm being dramatic in the above post, its probably because I am and I'm scared haha :) Feel free to call me out on it - I could use a brighter perspective!

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