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3/17/18 1:18 A

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You've received some good advice and I would only accentuate one thing and that is small steps. Incremental improvement builds good habits and self-confidence. Small goals result in small successes and stringing them together results in major positive changes in your lifestyle. Start with small accomplishments and build. Winning can become a habit and it's hard to stay depressed when you're doing positive things. Let the things you can't control take care of themselves and devote your effort to the things you can control. Never, ever quit!


Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." - Mark Twain

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3/14/18 9:24 A

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it is totally normal to feel overwhelmed. like you I've been here before and dropped off.

you already have some great habits, like your walking and yoga- that's wonderful! many of us struggle to incorporate activity- it's great that you have a handle on that.

cutting out sugary drinks was a great first step. I echo what others have suggested- start by tracking your intake for week or two and see where you stand. once you have an understanding of your current state, you can look at where to make changes.

I've only been back here for 2.5 months or so, but what is making this time feel different is that I am actually trying to incorporate changes slowly. so instead of having two or three slices of pizza, I'll have one and a side salad, and I eat it slowly and enjoy it. I needed to cut my carbs a bit and increase my protein, so I started having open-faced sandwiches or one piece of toast with breakfast, and now I do work bread in sometimes, but I also have learned to really enjoy lettuce wraps (and I /never/ thought that would be me!).

please remember to track changes other than the scale- you choose what works for you, be it inches lost, fitness tests, overall mood, etc, but relying solely on the scale can be rough, as there's not always consistency.

so be kind to yourself, set yourself small goals (I will eat 3 servings of greens this week, I will only eat cookies after 9 pm once this week, etc), and build from there.

Healthy choices and actions have positive impacts, even if the scale doesn't move!

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3/13/18 3:41 P

There's a common saying that weight loss is 80% what you put in your mouth and 20% exercise.

So the first thing you'll want to start with is tracking your food. Use the Nutrition Tracker to just add up all the food you eat normally. Do this for a week, maybe even two so you get a real clear look at how much you're eating.

Then use the tools available and let SparkPeople help you to calculate how many calories you need to be consuming daily for slow and steady weight loss, and start working towards meeting those ranges while also slowly educating yourself and getting acquainted with healthy food choices.

If you're comfortable with it, start incorporating mild to moderate exercise, then start building up to more challenging workouts as your body responds. (I'm a big proponent of strength training, so definitely look into including that in your weekly exercise routines.)

Last, and I don't think it get said enough in here - but you need to get your mental and emotional health in balance. If you've stopped seeing your therapist, consider going back. Find support groups of people with similar life challenges to you and attend those.

When my mental and emotional health is in balance, it is a lot easier for me to make healthy decisions for myself in the realm of physical activity and nutrition.

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3/12/18 2:46 P

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3/11/18 9:32 P

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Above all else...this is a Journey about finding what works for you. In order to do that, you have to *know* where you are starting from, and then you can decide what changes will be easiest and best for you.....

My suggestion is to make the Nutrition Tracker your *very best tool*.... learn how to track, and do it. Even...or especially...those not-so-good-for-you foods that we all had in our Life when we reached the decision that its time to change. Track just how you are now...for about 2 weeks. It will take some time to get a list of Favorites started (Save EVERYTHING to Favorites in the Tracker!!), then your tracking time will decrease tremendously. Once you have some good hard data to look at...then you can start to see where you can find balance in how you eat. For many of us we discover its WAyyyyy tooo mannyy carbs. Ok... set a goal to reduce that: change out not so good carbs for healthy veggies. Eat more protein compared to carbs... choose healthy fats like avocado and olive oil.... By making some of these simple changes you can see a path to follow for change.

Give yourself time to learn... and time for your body to accept the changes. Don't be in a setting reasonable expectations for calories, carbs, fats and protein and following your plan, the changes will come. 1 -2 lbs a week is quite normal. All the *diet plans* that promise 5-10 lbs a week are *&^%$# garbage. yeah you can lose that much water, but newsflash, your body absorbs it right back! LOL Be persistent.

Make a daily habit of reading some articles here on Spark, or checking in with a Team that interests you. Even if your partner doesn't choose right now to share your Journey, doesn't mean there aren't people who will share encouragement and time with you. All the best,

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
Gandalf: Lord of the Rings

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MTNBYRNE Posts: 20
3/11/18 7:49 P

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Thank you for the kind words.

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3/11/18 7:44 P

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It's completely okay to feel lost and uncomfortable at the beginning of your journey. And it will not last that long. I am in the same boat. I gained weight after falling in love, got divorced, fell in love again, had a son, lost 40 pounds after his birth and gained it all back within 2 years. Now I am on my journey of losing weight in a healthy manner. So just stay focused and keep moving forward. Small goals are accomplishments and not meeting goals at your expected time is not total failure, just a set back in accomplishing your ultimate goal.

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MTNBYRNE Posts: 20
3/11/18 7:37 P

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Hello everyone.
I joined sparkpeople years ago, however I quickly fell off.
I hope I can speak candidly here, and I hope someone will understand/have advice/any kind of help.

I am 5'5", and I am currently at my highest weight of 238lbs. While yes, I have never been skinny, I have always been a healthy weight.

But the last 5 years have just had a devastating blow to my body, mind and weight.

I was diagnosed with depression and general anxiety disorder about 6 years. I had it under control, I was taking medicine and going to a therapist and taking care of myself. I went to the gym daily. Even with all the turmoil happening in my mind, I had never felt better.

And then my mom, whom I am incredibly close with, had a massive heart attack. She recovered, however it has kept my anxiety in a constant state of "survivor mode" that I learned only sleeping and eating soothed. I quickly tacked on 20lbs like that.

Then I fell in love. I fell in love with a man who is 6'6" and all that comes with that. A whole lot of man. I got comfortable, I felt ok for the first time in a long time. Another 45lbs came.

I am uncomfortable in my body. I am easily winded. I have no sex drive. I suddenly have acne. I feel an overwhelming sadness and depression around my body. I've been to the doctor. I am not hormone imbalanced, my thyroid works perfectly. I am just obese.

And I am so upset about what I have become I don't even know how to start. I walk daily, I always have. I do yoga twice a week. However, I also eat cookies at midnight.

My work schedule is erratic, I don't have anyone to go on this journey with me. For as much as I love my partner, who also has gained a huge amount of weight, he is unwilling to do this with me.

I have given up sugary drinks in the last month. I feel the same. I see no difference in me.

I just need to know that the way I feel is normal. That its ok to feel overwhelmed and lost at the start of this journey.

Thank you,

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