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WAYCAT's Photo WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
3/6/18 11:50 P

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Well, thank you all for your very helpful and thoughtful replies.

From reading them all, I can conclude a few points that I shall take away with me:

(1) Age is no barrier to fitness.
(2) My body is good at telling me what it needs, and it's up to me to listen to it and act accordingly.
(3) My workouts will vary from day to day - some days I may feel more energetic than others, and it's not a sin to have rest days and also easier workouts on days when I just don't feel like slogging it out.

In addition, I understand about other health problems (over and above my flu bug), and I do have early onset osteoperosis, brought on by an early menopause over 10 years ago.

I have had a few fractures in past years, so have to be careful with my running. The other side of that coin is that weight-bearing exercise is good for bone health, so it's a fine balance between doing enough to help my bones and doing too much and getting another fracture.

To that end, I used to run 5-6 days a week but now run 2 or maybe 3 days a week, replacing running with cycling or cross training on my non-running days. So far, this seems to be working well.

I weight train several days a week, so all in all I think I am doing pretty much all I can in terms of helping to improve my bone density.

I have tried HIIT in the past, but it is just not for me. Instead, I do hill intervals on the treadmill and cross trainer - I find that although it isn't HIIT in that I keep going for 45 minutes, it gives me a really good workout in which my heart rate is up there for most of the time, and also there is the added bonus of the intervals adding interest and thus making my workout more motivating and rewarding.

I think at the present moment I shall continue to do my 45 minutes' cardio, but also allow myself some slack on days when I'm short on time or energy, and not feel too guilty about maybe cutting my cardio session shorter on those days.

Moderation in everything I believe is the key!

Many thanks again everyone.

Please read my ticker backwards as I am trying to gain weight.
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3/5/18 7:11 P

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Okay, few things going on in your post.

First, yes, listening to your body is good, getting proper rest is good. Taking time to build up after time off is good. Planning a day of rest from the gym may be good depending on how intense your workouts are when you are there (rather than pushing through without recovering). Then again, if they are relatively easy for you to complete, a day of rest may not be required (doesn't mean you wouldn't want one though).

Age alone doesn't have anything to do with your ability to be fit or have a solid workout in. I know plenty of people significantly older than 50 who work out far more intensely than your current workouts. They do great - and look great too. Now, perhaps you have some other health issues that hinder your ability, in which case, your medical team would provide the best advice.

If you want shorter workouts, but to still get some good "bang for the buck" there are lots of options such as HIIT or circuit training. Do what works for you and you enjoy and will keep doing. Weights is important for bone health and strength, especially for women as they age.

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3/5/18 8:41 A

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Having 1-2 rest days a week is a good idea to allow time for your body to rest and recover. That's not to say you can't do an active recovery day where you do light stuff, such as walking. It also allows your body to keep from getting injuries from overuse.

Definitely listen to your body and adjust your workouts if it's affecting your energy and how you feel in a negative way. I don't think you need to necessarily base it off your age, but would recommend base it on how you are actually feeling.

Making good use of your gym/workout time is always a good idea. Shortening your workouts to 30 minutes each time shouldn't be that big of a change for your fitness and stamina as long as you are continuing to make good use of your time. If you are just barely getting your heart rate up and barely doing anything to keep your heart rate up in that time then that is a big difference than if you are going in and keeping your heart rate up and putting in the work, it shouldn't affect that much, if at all. Not everyone has a lot of time to put into working out, so they will sometimes do HIIT type workouts where they work harder for shorter periods of time and they can have great fitness and stamina. Of course, if you're training for anything for endurance, that is where you would want to incorporate longer workout sessions, but generally speaking, 30 minute workouts are still a great thing and you will still see many benefits from it.

Ultimately, what it really comes down to is how you're feeling, but also incorporate things that you like to do so you will keep doing them.

I hope your recovery continues to go well!

Coach Denise

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3/4/18 1:00 A

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While you continue to recover (And I hear it takes a l-o-n-g time!)...YES cut down. Other than that... I'd say No. Keep your fitness as you age. Balance your cardio and strength training certainly... but if you are capable of 45 minutes, go for it!! The only reason I could see for cutting back would be if your Doctor advises you to for medical reasons.

(PS Don't let "age" make decisions for you!! I'm into my Medicare Age group now, and in better shape than I ever was at 50. I usually walk at least an hour a day, or bike for 2 hrs or more. Do what you love... and what is comfortable for you to do now...(arthritis will slow you down soon enough--LOL). For us, we loved a 33 mile backpack two years ago, and a 300+ mile bike trip last summer. Most everyone on that trip was *retired*!!)

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
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WAYCAT's Photo WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
3/3/18 11:52 P

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Hello fellow Sparkers,
Just after Christmas I was laid up for 6 weeks with a really nasty flu bug.
Now I am starting to regain some stamina and strength, and have been back at the gym for a few weeks, slowly building myself back up.
I always used to work out every day (just taking a rest day here and there when my body was really tired).
I usually did 45 minutes cardio daily, be that running, cross trainer or cycling, followed by strength for about 20 minutes before a cool down and stretch.
Having the flu made me re-access my workout out routine, and also the fact that I am now nearing 50 years old. I feel that I need to listen to my body more and respect the fact that I need to factor in more rest days.
I am toying with the idea of making better use of my gym time, and think that maybe cutting down to just 30 minutes of cardio might be worth a try, to focus more on strength, but also to make my workouts more manageable and tailored to my changing body and energy levels.
However, I also think that I will ultimately lose fitness and stamina, even if it’s only 15 minutes’ less than what I have been doing all these years.
What do you all think? Would it be a good thing to try?
I don’t want to come away from my workouts feeling is if I’ve been lazy and not working hard enough, but I want to come away from my workouts feeling energized, and as if I’ve done myself some good. Hope all that makes sense!
Thanks for any input.

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Please read my ticker backwards as I am trying to gain weight.
More details on my Spark Page.

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