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2/22/18 8:02 P

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Here's a question I ask people when I see them getting upset/discouraged about this:

If you looked exactly the same as you do right now, but the scale said your goal weight on it every time you stepped on it, how would you feel?

Most people spend a ton of time fixating on that number on the scale, when it's basically meaningless. Body composition is what most people really want to change, or they want to improve their health... but somehow this gets translated into a magic number on the scale. If only they could reach that number, somehow all their problems with health and self-image would disappear, never to return.

I weigh the same now as I did in high school... but I am significantly slimmer now than I was then. My waist then was 30-32 inches. Now it's 27-28. I was the same weight for both measurements. How is this possible? Because of years of healthy eating and consistent workouts (including weight lifting to build that dense, toned muscle). If you stick with it, you can create change in your habits and your body. If you don't... well, you already know what happens. That's why you're here.

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2/22/18 4:29 P

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Weight loss is not linear. It fluctuates, sometimes quite a bit throughout the week. My weight has changed up or down 5-8 pounds before in a day. Mostly due to water weight. For women, that time of month can also wreak havoc on the scale. Suggestion, weigh yourself at the same time every day. For me, it's right away when I get up after I go to the bathroom. And try doing it once every 2 weeks. If you do it every week, just remember that although the weight can be more, you still may be making progress. And if diet and exercise are on point and progress is still not being made after 60-90 days, make an adjustment as needed. My 2 cents.

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2/22/18 4:04 P

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Lots of things can affect the scale, water retention for many of the reasons listed (plus others) is a big one.

I'd recommend a few things:
1 - don't stop working out just to see a number on a scale!
2 - use a weight trending app such as Libra on androids - over time you will develop a trend that won't change based on a couple "off" days.
3 - DO take measurements (in multiple places on your body) and progress photos weekly and track them. These are more accurate than the scale.
4 - realize and accept that the scale is fickle. My weight can go all over the place, but trend pretty evenly, while my "fat" measurements are constantly dropping.
5 - tighten up your tracking. Are you weighing on a food scale all of your food?

Also, if your workout routine is new, your body can retain water for several weeks. In fact, for me, I've noticed it's more like 4-6 weeks if I make a dramatic change. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING. Throw out the scale if that number is enough to make you think about stopping exercise, because the benefits of exercise will far outweigh a couple pounds on a scale!

Finally, with what you have left to lose, are your expectations accurate? Weight loss is NOT linear. Our bodies are just too dynamic. If it's been 3 or more weeks and there's been no change in the scale OR measurements, then you need to tighten up your diet.

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2/21/18 7:26 P

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What kind of exercise did you do? Was it strength training? Was it a new workout? You might consider weighing yourself once every week or two, since you will have fluctuations on the scale that can drive you crazy if you let them :)

Coach Jen

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2/21/18 3:10 P

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Thanks for the reply. I am guessing it's my muscles retaining water. But it's very discouraging. I don't want to work out for fear it will do the same over and over again. Do your muscles eventually get used to it? And NOT retain water after a certain period of time?
My salt intake is pretty normal although I could cut back some as well. Everything else is OK too.

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2/21/18 2:25 P

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When you work your muscles, they retain water.
Eating foods with too much sodium causes you to retain water.
Hormones will cause water retention.
If you drink anything before weighing, your weight will be elevated (A pint's a pound the world around!)

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2/21/18 1:16 P

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Can anyone explain to me why you gain weight AFTER exercising? I'm not THAT sore. I've been eating healthy for awhile, drink nothing but water, no sweets, all good stuff, and weight gain? It's NOT muscle. I have 35 pounds left to do lose and still have a good amount of fat on me. It just doesn't make sense to me at all. It's very discouraging. I know weight fluctuates from day to day too. It just sucks waking up, weighing yourself for the week to see you've gone up 2 pounds instead. I'm eating enough too as I am breastfeeding my baby so I have to eat. I track everything. THis just doesn't make any sense. Only thing I can think of is I worked out yesterday and now woke up to a 2 pound weight gain. :-( Thanks.

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