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DREAMER160 Posts: 8
2/6/18 12:22 P

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Thanks Denise. I currently am getting PT, and I will see if they have some suggestions since I will be finishing up soon. My problem is exasperated by my additional weight. I appreciate your insight.

2/6/18 8:37 A

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I third going to a physical therapist! My husband had a herniated disc that ended up requiring surgery (at the grand old age of 34, and he's not overweight or inactive - really, really bad genetic lottery: out of 4 kids in that family 3 have had back surgery before age 35, and the only one who hasn't has back issues, but they are of the sort that won't respond to surgery), which helped, but didn't completely solve everything. He ended up back at a different PT than his post-surgery one, and she's been amazing - diagnosed the underlying causes for how he ended up with the herniated disc in the first place, and has been working with him to deal with those issues (mostly related to lack of flexibility in certain muscle groups, and lack of strength in others). Unfortunately, we live in the Chicago area, so I can't give you a referral.

However, depending on where you live in the Cincy area, check out the Blue Ash YMCA when you're ready to do more activity. We lived in Deer Park several years ago, and I used to go to that Y several times a week - great water aerobics program when I was pregnant, good experience with trainers, lovely grounds with walking trails.

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MLAN613 Posts: 20,508
2/6/18 6:20 A

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I second going to a Physical Therapist. A good one can work wonders. Do check with your doctor for a referral. Coach Jen is absolutely correct in that a personal trainer should not be giving nutrition advice unless they have certification.

As for healthy eating, did you know that you have found one of the best places ever for healthy living by signing on with SparkPeople? Yes, it's a virtual place but you have a lot of support at your fingertips through the nutrition and fitness trackers, articles, and community boards.

You maybe can't exercise as you like due to that pesky disc but you can start tracking your nutrition. After a couple of weeks of tracking, you can see where you are at and set baby step goals towards a healthier you. Some goals you could work on would be drinking more water and/or eating more fruits and vegetables,

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2/5/18 9:40 P

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It sounds like you would be better off with a physical therapist rather than a personal trainer. If you haven't yet, you may want to check in with your doctor and ask for a referral to a physical therapist. Otherwise, if you go to a personal trainer, you will want to make sure that they aren't only a certified personal trainer, but that they have a specialty certification to work with someone with a herniated disc. They also should not be giving much advice in regards to diet unless they have a more specialized certification or degree in that area of expertise as well (it would be out of the scope of their practice if they did offer that without that specialized training). Unfortunately, we cannot offer referrals like that, but I would suggest starting with your doctor for a referral.

Coach Denise

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DREAMER160 Posts: 8
2/5/18 8:19 P

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Hello all!
I have a herniated disc in lower back & I am looking for a personal trainer that can help me strengthen core and help me with diet. For some reason I can’t do this on my own and I need quidanxe to be accountable to someone else.
I have put on 15# with all this over the past 6 months.
Any referrals would be greatly appreciated!

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