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ZRIE014 Posts: 130,509
2/1/18 12:37 A

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i try to run for 1 hr depending on how i feel.

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1/31/18 1:13 A

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I would recommend tracking everything you eat for two weeks and then meet with a nutritionist to see if they can give you some suggestions.


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1/24/18 11:01 P

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Eat less, exercise more. That's the formula. Try new foods and new exercise routines. Shake it up. Also needed is a large dollop of patience. You're doing fine and you need to give yourself more credit for that. The closer you get to your goal, the harder it will be to lose. There really is no need to be in a big hurry. When you get to goal it's just the beginning anyway. Then you have to start to maintain your weight loss and that is a thankless job because you will no longer see the weight coming off as a "reward". The goal of maintenance is to see the scale never move. Stasis. Never change. It's boring and it's hard, but to make all your hard work count, you've got to do it. So take it easy and enjoy the journey.... it never ends. The last tip... Never.Ever.Quit!


Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

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COONSY's Photo COONSY Posts: 1,219
1/24/18 4:22 P

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Since you're steadily losing overall, I'd say you're doing a great job. That will make it that much easier when you get to maintenance!

That being said, how accurate is your tracking? Are you WEIGHING any solid foods (as opposed to just measuring them)? Are you tracking EVERY bite, lick and nibble?

In order for me to feel satisfied I tend to eat a large pile of veggies and some protein at dinner, and generally pass on the carbs (other than my glass of wine) since the veggies will help me feel "full" until I'm in bed and asleep. I tend to save my carbs for breakfast and lunch when I need things to last a bit more, but don't feel the need to fill up so much.

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1/24/18 12:22 P

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15kg (or 33 pounds, for those of us in the US following along) is a good amount to lose in a year and for many, it's easier to maintain a slower weight loss. That said, I think the idea that you are doing "everything possible" is limiting in and of itself. Weight loss isn't so much about trying harder but working smarter. Are you tracking your food? Measuring, making a record of everything that goes in your mouth? It's completely possible to overeat on healthy food. It doesn't sound like you are overeating (at least every single day) since you are still losing weight, but tracking may help you figure out places that are your problem areas (maybe going out to eat) or areas where you can cut back (for me, I love to eat a certain VOLUME of food, so making some easy swaps saves me calories).

MLAN613 Posts: 20,310
1/24/18 6:29 A

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Well, speeding up your weight loss isn't necessarily better. Healthy weight loss averages 1 to 2 pounds a week. Some weeks you will hit that, others more, and sometimes you might even gain. So, looking at overall weight loss across time is good instead of getting hung up on one week's results.

Healthy weight loss is also more about nutrition at 80% than exercise 20%. You can't out exercise bad food choices. So, are you tracking your food and staying within your calorie range? Are you meeting your recommended macro nutrient (carbs, protein, fat) ranges? As for exercise, are you doing both cardio and strength? A good exercise regimen includes both.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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1/24/18 1:44 A

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Hi everyone, I am a mother of 2 years old son and I am trying to lose weight since after my delivery. I put on a lot during pregnancy, average weight to put on during is around 8-12kg, but I put on 25 kg. It’s been two years I am trying so hard, and doing everything that is possible, eating healthy, taking small meals and doing exercise almost 6 days a week, but my progress is very slow. In two years I have just lost 15kgs and still 10 more kg to go. What shall I do to speed up my weight loss? I am very frustrated now. Need your help and advice.

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