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1/25/18 2:02 P

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My symptoms:
Pre: emotional, dramatizing, bloating, being really hard on myself; chocolate cravings
During: horrendously awful cramps (if I don't take 800mg of ibuprofen as soon as I feel a twinge, I will be laid up in bed with a heating pad for hours before the drugs kick in enough for me to be upright and not nauseous from the pain) unless I exercise. Then, they're just mildly annoying and resolved with 200mg of ibuprofen. Seriously. The exercise is SO HELPFUL.

I want to eat all of the chocolate in the week leading up, so I buy chocolate bars from Aldi that are pre-packaged, and allow myself to eat one after dinner. That usually does it, though sometimes I eat 2. :-)

Also, exercise, exercise, exercise. I know, I don't feel like exercising when I'm PMSing, and exercising while bleeding can sometimes be a logistical nightmare, but it really does help, especially in the lead-up days when my symptoms are more emotional than physical.

After having 2 kids naturally, my first day is like Niagra Falls, so I usually don't exercise on that day, but the days leading up to and during, I make a special effort to stick to my exercise routine, even if it's just doing my favorite things (swimming laps at the gym or walking/running outside). It helps with the cramps, the moods swings, and getting things over and done with faster (rather than dragging on for 7+ days).

Short version, I cut myself some slack in the nutrition department regarding chocolate and "motivate" the exercise by reminding myself it will prevent the pain from happening.

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1/24/18 5:44 P

Keep reminding yourself things will get better

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1/23/18 10:34 P

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I have talked with my doctor numerous times and have tried different things. Currently, I am on Nexplanon, and it sort of works. Typically I am laid up in bed for the majority of my period and have horrible cramps for weeks leading up to my period... Which leaves me maybe a week out of the month when I feel good.

When I don't feel good, I don't want to workout and feeling good is so rare that I'd rather go do other fun things than workout.

When I was younger I really enjoyed working out, but now it's just become a necessary thing. There are some days when I feel better after I workout (bloating and cramps seem to respond well to exercise).

I guess I don't have a solution for you, other than talking with your doctor and trying different things until you find something that works for you. But what I can say is that you're not alone! In the meantime, exercise might just have to be one of those necessary things you do but don't really enjoy. It eventually just becomes routine.

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1/21/18 2:54 P

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I ended up getting an IUD to deal with the PMS symptoms, primarily the fatigue that was more and more often keeping me on the couch for 5-7 days a month. I had the energy to drag myself to work and nothing else during those days. Nothing that I tried seemed to make a dent in the fatigue, though I could load up on Advil and mostly deal with the pain, so I finally gave in and got the IUD. It's worked wonders for me.

Good luck in your search for solutions!

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1/20/18 10:57 P

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What do you do to stay motivated and keep yourself exercising and eating right when it's that time of the month? Unfortunately I have major PMS symptoms and I really struggle!


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