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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 28,003
1/9/18 3:22 P

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"How long should i be waiting before i can start lifting again?"
Until you see a doctor about it. And then for some time after that.
Lifting weights can make a bad elbow worse...

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1/9/18 1:23 P

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I'd recommend getting it checked out, just to rule out any medical problems that need to be addressed. It wouldn't be safe for us to speculate about when you can return to weight training, especially since it didn't go well when you tried today.

Best of luck,

Coach Jen

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1/9/18 12:24 P

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Hey everyone, I am new here. I plan on starting the 5k your way walk/jog as soon as all the ice in my area melts. For now I am hitting the gym 4 times a day.

Some how i managed to hurt my left inner elbow, for a few days i couldn't bend it/straighten it. I started icing it, taking aleeve daily and bought a copper fit compression sleeve. Yesterday i could bend and move it freely with very little pain, today after doing the shoulder press at the gym i am back to not being able to bend it.

How long should i be waiting before i can start lifting again?

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