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1/10/18 12:41 P

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Also would suggest a trainer or rollers.

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1/10/18 12:19 P

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I bought a stationary bike years ago, a Diamond Back. It was $1300 which was a lot at the time, I probably couldn't replace it now for under $2k. I don't use it all the time, but it's there when I want it.

Input age, weight, time, and it has more than enough programs for me: manual, hills, custom, etc. While you're biking, you can set it to scan RPM, heart rate (with a chest monitor) watts, calories, time remaining, distance - or you can leave it set on any of them, like heart rate or RPM. I'm happy with it 'cause I won't go to a gym.

this wouldn't be good for spinning

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1/9/18 11:36 A

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If you want to level up and really get the most out of spinning, I recommend using a real road bike on rollers instead of a spinner or an actual stationary exercise bike.

Rollers require you to balance while you spin, so you still maintain all the great core exercise that a regular bike offers, even while you spin indoors. This also allows you to use the bike you are used to, and the bike that should be setup for your geometry. This means you won't be hurting your body with an improperly setup bike, and when you hit the streets again in the Spring, you won't even notice the difference.

If you're not comfortable with rollers, I would then suggest a stationary spinner that attaches to your rear wheel and allows you to spin indoors. This way you still reap the benefits of using the bike you are comfortable with, you only lose the core exercise that maintaining your balance will offer. This is because a fixed spinner doesn't require you to balance the bike.

This information comes from many years as a competitive cyclist and 4 years working in a bike shop selling spinners and road bikes, and offering spin classes. I'll never claim to be an expert on anything, just offering my experience for insight.

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1/9/18 12:45 A

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i like the stationary bike.

1/8/18 7:00 P

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I miss biking in this Chi Town cold weather. I would like to purchase a good quality stationary bike or a spin bike. Anyone have any recommendations/opinions that they could share?
Thanks for any info!

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