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10/6/18 10:14 A

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I guess it's too late for this advice, but an elliptical trainer might have been a better choice for you. It is zero impact, so won't aggravate your knee condition, but will give you a cardio workout similar to a treadmill. Wonder what kind of guarantee you got with the treadmill (return it in 30 days if you don't like it?) If you are able to, swapping it for an elliptical might be worth a try.

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10/5/18 7:50 A

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From my own experience, a treadmill is something that many people get with good intentions, use for only a short period, then give up when "life" gets in the way. So I won't recommend to get an expensive unit. This resource has reviewed the most reasonably priced yet high quality treadmills.

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1/10/18 7:59 A

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I agree with everyone's comments about getting a dr's clearance to exercise and check out the knee, especially since you've been inactive for so long. But if they give the all clear, I'd definitely get good supportive shoes and I'd wear knee support as well. 10 minutes is the way to go once you start, and I wouldn't be worried about going fast...just a steady slow pace!
That's my 2 cents!
Good luck from one treadmill user to another! Congratulations on getting up off of the sofa!


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1/8/18 2:47 P

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I agree that you'll want to get your knee checked out by your doc. Since you've not been active for the past 4 years, you'll want to get clearance from your doc anyway to start a regular exercise program, just to be safe.

Coach Jen

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1/8/18 12:23 P

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Is it just on the treadmill that you have knee pain, or do you also get it when walking outside or in other environments, like at the mall?

I second seeing a doc about the knee pain, and would also bring information about whether that's the only time you have it, or if it's generalized to all walking. It could be something as simple as making sure you're not holding onto the frame of the treadmill (just lightly touching in order to keep your balance), changing your shoes to something more (or even less) supportive, finding some simple physical therapy exercises to do to warm up your muscles and joints before getting on the treadmill, etc. It could, of course, be more complex than that, too.

Knee pain isn't something to mess around with. The source could be muscle, joint, or ligament, all of which have different treatments and methods to handle the pain. For some causes, starting out slow and working up to the desired exercise frequency will help the pain, and for others, it will make it worse, so finding out what's causing the pain is the first step!

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1/8/18 11:22 A

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Since your knees hurt so much that you had to stop after 5 minutes, don't go on again until you see a doctor about that knee pain.

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1/8/18 11:02 A

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I am 73 and have been a couch potato for probably the last 4 years. I have gained about 15 to 18 lbs and am ready to get it off. I have 2 stents and exercise induced asthma so I bought a treadmill to walk for exercise. The most I have done at one time is 10 minutes but I was OK with that figuring I would do several times during the day. (Never did). Last 2 times at 5 minutes my knee was really hurting so had to stop. Thinking I will try several more times to do 5 minutes at least but wondered if that is bad idea.
Thanks for you thoughts.

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