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12/27/17 12:08 P

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thank you

MLAN613 Posts: 20,473
12/27/17 6:32 A

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Are you looking for a personal trainer to help with exercise or a Registered Dietitian to help you with eating properly? They aren't necessarily the same. You could probably find a personal trainer to help you get started on an exercise plan through your local community center or gym like Lifetime Fitness or the YMCA.

Your doctor can probably refer you to a Registered Dietitian. If you haven't seen your doctor in awhile, it would probably be a good idea to get checked out to ensure you have no exercise restrictions.

Do note that Registered Dietitians (RD) and personal trainers have a cost associated with them Health insurance typically doesn't cover consultations with RDs unless something like diabetes is involved and personal trainers should never, ever be covered by insurance. Also note that personal trainers may have a little nutrition knowledge but they are not RDs and should not be setting up grandiose nutrition plans for people.

Thus said, did you know you can get a lot of knowledge, support, and tracking aids right here on SparkPeople? For FREE!!!!!! Have you started using the nutrition tracker? Have you perused the fitness area? What questions do you have?

Also, your goal of losing 48 pounds in basically 3 months is a touch lofty. Healthy weight loss AVERAGES 1 to 2 pounds.That means some weeks you'll lose, some weeks you'll gain, and some weeks you won't see any change.

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12/26/17 10:34 P

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i'm an 18 year old girl who wants to lose weight bad. i know the basics like eat healthy, exercise and drink more water. but i just need someone to tell me how to do this all right. like my calories and what kind of exercise i should be doing and just check up on me. also i weigh 198 and what at least get too 150 by the end of march or less. but thank you so much

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