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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 27,998
12/12/17 5:54 P

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Are you talking about real stairs, or the stair stepper gym equipment?

If you want to do regular stairs, just start doing them. It gets easier.
If you are talking about the stair stepper at the gym... too awkward for me.

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12/12/17 5:34 P

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When getting ready for a backpack several years ago, I tried the 'stair-steppers' at the gym. Unfortunately. I am short (5'2") and the equipment was set up with large interval stairs: probably 10-12". It just didn't suit me: it was an uncomfortable--unnatural--movement. I mean really...the ground doesn't give way underneath you when you hike up a hill!! I'm sure its set up that way to minimize stress on the knees, but my knees still hurt---probably from the height. couldn't go DOWN the stairs on the machine!!

I ended up doing stair sets at a local Community College that had really long runs of 8" stairs. (The distance between each floor was probably 30 steps up.) MUCH better!!

Take your time, especially when you start...and remember to spend as much time going down the stairs as up. "DOWN" is really important if you are trying to get in shape for hiking!!
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12/12/17 8:33 A

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I started taking the stairs in graduate school. Classes were on the fourth floor of the library, and it was take the stairs or wait with 20-30 other people for the one elevator. It sucked at first, but by the time I graduated I was beating the elevator. Now I work in a building with 7 floors, so I can keep in practice any time I want by taking the stairs to the top floor instead of the elevator.

I never did use a stair stepper or any other training, just consistently choosing to take the stairs everywhere I went.

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12/11/17 9:43 P

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I am bad at stairs- I can't even walk up to the 6th floor without feeling winded! I need to get better because I can tell my cardiovascular health is not nearly as good as it should be.

Stair-steppers: how did you start getting into stairs? And do you have any advice/messages of support for an anxious stair-stepper virgin?

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