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12/11/17 7:26 A

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It depends on your level of fitness and your goal, but about 5 days a week is good

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12/5/17 12:30 A

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i try to go 7 days a week.

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12/4/17 10:21 A

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I think you need to clarify your question.


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12/4/17 6:41 A

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A good goal if you aren't working out at all is 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise. That breaks into 5 30 minute segments and should include a combination of cardio and strength of activities that you enjoy and can stick with long term.

If you haven't been working out at all, the place to begin would be with a visit to your doctor to make sure you are good to go with exercise. Once you get cleared to exercise, you can begin with short segments of exercise. As it gets easier, you can increase until you are exercising for longer periods.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 28,008
12/3/17 12:58 P

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"How many days go to the gym is better?"
Define 'better'.

How many days - and how much time you need on those days - depends on your goals.

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12/3/17 11:36 A

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When I was working with a personal trainer, my focus was weight loss and retaining muscle during weight loss. I was doing plyometrics, calisthenics, balancing exercises and compound (full body) movements in circuit training. This kind of training was low impact, reduced the risk of injury, increased the amount of metabolic activity after exercise and helped me retain muscle (along with making sure 20-25% of my daily calories came from protein). This kind of exercise gets your heart rate up like a cardio exercise and strength trains at the same time, so it does a lot in a short period of time. Your work outs should be intense, with no more than a 20-30 second break between exercises and no longer than 30-45 minutes.

I did this 2x a week and did cardio once a week with great success. It only takes 30 minutes of strength training if done properly to tear muscle and start the recovery process, which increases metabolic activity in the body and increase your calorie burn. After you do that, you are supposed to eat proper nutrition so the body can recover with in 1-3 days and get plenty of rest.

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12/3/17 10:48 A

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How many days go to the gym is better?

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