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11/12/17 9:39 A

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Your podiatrist is your better resource for this question.

I think a couple of PT sessions would help you develop more strength near the ankles and give you more stamina during the painful days. Some states allow you to seek physical therapy without a doctor's script.

Check out orthotics in addition to arch support shoes. I've had totally flat feet since birth and fatigue sets in rather quickly without orthotics. Your podiatrist may recommend a custom set or may have a brand of inserts available to buy. I'm currently trying out the Copper Superfeet brand, available at REI, on Amazon, and likely at your podiatrist.

And ... for my really bad days, I use athletic tape for even more support. Youtube this for some ideas. My fave is to use 2 strips and do an X where the cross of the X is on the inside of the foot, just over the spot where the arch ends and the heel begins.

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11/11/17 7:20 A

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Also, while you figure out what you want to do from a medical stand point, can you maybe set different step goals? I know activity trackers like FitBits allow you to set one goal but maybe you can set the goal lower to cover the days your feet aren't cooperating and then have a mental goal to meet for the days your are feeling good?

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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11/10/17 7:38 P

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On days you are really in pain, then I would suggest checking out the short videos for Seated exercise here on Spark. they are 10-15 min: Upper Body, Core, Cardio, and a decent Resistance band one. It helps if you can hookup a laptop to a tv...or you can just watch and learn from your computer, write the moves down, and take it from there.

In addition to Coach Jen's suggestions....I'd also suggest you consider talking with a Podiatrist. Not all of our feet *work* with over-the-counter arch supports....some of us have bones out of position, nerve issues, etc, that need specially made orthotics. Other treatments are also possible depending upon the problem.... A professional evaluation will help you understand what is going on...and what possibilities you have to stay active comfortably. Mine did wonders for me!! All the best,

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11/9/17 11:14 A

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Does your doctor have any suggestions? Would physical therapy be an option for you?

Coach Jen

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11/9/17 11:09 A

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Love walking but develped fallen arches that sometimes makes it hard to go my usual steps..I am doing the arch support shoes...but some days are trying and I try to push to get the steps in until I can't Any suggestions for staying/getting fit will help. Very active don't want to slow down

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