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11/6/17 9:43 P

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From the mere fact that you can list all this out, my (very unprofessional) opinion would be that you have MORE than a "good Start"!! If anything, you might be overdoing it a bit....

I'm going to suggest that you join one of the Teams here that focuses on Weight Lifting/Strength Training etc. Your post is pretty if you copy and paste it onto a Team thread, someone who works with this more can better evaluate it.

Look up above under COMMUNITY, SPARK TEAMS, FITNESS.... and then start looking at the teams for one that catches your interest!

Welcome to Spark, and all the best,

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
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11/6/17 2:39 P

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I’m a 21 yr old female. 5’3 132lbs. My daily calorie intake from June to end up September was 1300. I ate within the calorie range not tracking my macros. I want to build muscle and my butt. I started increasing my calorie intake slowly from 1300 and now I’m at 1800+. I go to the gym 5x a week. Legs/glutes MWF And upper body Tues and Thurs. My macros are 130g protein 60g fat and 180g carbs. On days I go to the gym I get 130g of protein. I think that’s the most important. I’m a college student so tbh I don’t have access to clean foods. I would say it’s a dirty bulk? It really ranges from day to day. On the weekends I go over my macros. My leg/glute days consist of glute activation first with an extra heavy resistance band. I do 3 x 15 of each donkey kicks, fire hydrants and hip thrusts on the floor with a 40lb pre weighted barbell. I make sure I squeeze my glutes every rep. Sometimes I only feel it on one side :/. I then do walking lunges with the 40lb barbell. I then do either sumo or conventional deadlifts with a 45 lb kettlebell. I also to gobblet squats with a 30lb kettlebell. I also to squats with the 40lb barbell. Usually 3 x 15 for all of these exercises. I then go to the leg extension machine. I do something I call a 5-3-1 where I do 5 reps at 90, 3 reps at 100 and one rep at 110 for 3 sets. The leg curl machine at my college gym has been broken for weeks I’m mad . I started incorporating the leg press in last week. I saw on YT that sitting on the leg press sidewides and pudding with one leg targets the glutes which I can feel I do 3 x 15 at 110lbs. I then do body weight calf raises. I stand up on my tip toes and do 3 x 15. I then do more glute focused excersises with the resistance bands. I lay on my side and put the band close to my ankles where I do side leg raises 3 x 15 each side. My finisher is the machine where you sit down and it works your butt. Your legs open and close I sit at the edge of the seat at it burns my glutes. I do 3 x 15 at 110lbs. My upper body days are 3 x 20 shoulder raises with a 5lb dumbbell, 3 x 12 ones where you hold the dumbbell over your head and hinge at the elbow. It works the tris. I do 3 x 12 at 10 lbs until failure and then 3 x 12 at 10 lbs of bicep curls or until failure. I know it’s important to even squeeze a couple more reps out to make the muscle grow. Then I do the lay pulldown at 30lbs 3 x 12 of wide grip and 3 x 12 with the shoulder with one with my hands rotated out. Then I’ll do more lay work by being on my hands and knees and I lift a 15 lb kettlebell to my sides. I then use the chest press machine at 75lbs for 5 reps 80 for 3 and 90 for 1. The seated row with another 5-3-1 at whatever weight I feel I can do without dying. Then I do the delt raise machine 40lbs for as many as I can. My shoulders are dead at this point. I do abs M-F I take a 25 kettlebell and bend at the sides 3 x 15+ each side. Then I do Weighted crunches with a 10lb plate and Russian twists with the same plate 3 x 15. Sometimes when I have time I will do planks too how ever long I can hold it. I would like to know if I’m doing this right? I’ve been told I have good form. I haven’t injured myself yet. I love using the machines with heavy weight. I eventually want to move to deadlifting with barbells and weights. I’m looking to gain muscle and strength. Advice would be much appreciated thank you!!

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