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PAUL663 Posts: 9
1/24/18 5:19 A

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Denise, many thanks for the response.

I checked again this morning (for yesterday) and you are indeed correct that the sync seems to take place but just not in real time.

The numbers remain 'off' but minimally so. My move numbers for yesterday according to my watch/phone was 552 calories v 534 with SparkPeople. Not sure why the difference but it is so small as to be a non-issue.

Thanks again,

1/23/18 11:52 A

SparkPeople Team Member

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We don't continually get data from Apple Health. Apple Health data is sent to SparkPeople every time the home screen on our app is loaded AND more than 5 minutes have elapsed since the last offload. You can manually I manually ask Apple Health to send your data by going to our app and on the Log screen, in the Exercise section, there is a bar that shows steps and distance. Tapping this bar will send that day’s Apple Health data to SparkPeople. Note, it will take a few minutes for the data to be processed and visible on the Log screen. Refresh the screen after some time to see the data. (Easy way to refresh is to use the arrows at the top to go to the previous day and then back to current day.)

Perhaps that will help get them to look more correct/up-to-date for what you're looking for.

Coach Denise

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PAUL663 Posts: 9
1/23/18 10:21 A

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I have an iPhone 7 (IOS 11.2.2) and Apple Watch 1 and have ensured that within iHealth I have allowed SparkPeople to access all categories (steps, active energy etc).

No matter what I do SparkPeople shows only a fraction of the Move and Steps numbers shown within iHealth and the activity app on my iPhone (and in the Apple watch itself).

As of now I have 2100 step and 173 calories showing on my phone/watch but 14 calories and 342 steps within SparkPeople.

I had hoped this app would be able to sync properly and had trialed the Premium service thinking this would be a long term solution for me but it is frustrating to not be able to properly track steps/activity.

There used to be the ability to re-requests data from iHealth but that appears to have been removed in the last update.

Has anyone else seen this issue and know of a resolution?

Many thanks,

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