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1/12/18 5:20 P

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We take security on our site very seriously and have implemented various things to keep our members safe. However, clearing your cache and cookies periodically is a good idea, as well as having virus protection and adware/malware protection on your computer(s) and device(s).

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1/12/18 1:29 P

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Recently, I became aware of "drive-by" malware attacks going around. Once the "Bit Coin" sensation reached an all-time high in value, some people are apparently using hacker tools to give unsuspecting visitors a bit of code via their browsers. While you are visiting any website online, bits of information are always being transferred back and forth from the website (host) and your computer or mobile device browser software--so you do not notice the malicious code getting deposited to your device. Once deposited, it can activate to allow your computing resources to be used to mine (bit coins, data, etc), thus slowing down all of your online experiences. I've seen a number of threads here stating SparkPeople pages are loading slowly all of a sudden, and I myself have had some of those experiences too on SOME of my devices (not all). So I researched the cure after finding a malware bit-coin mining script on one of my protection software programs. Deleting your browser cache gets rid of it. On both IE and FireFox I was able to access the cache to delete it by simultaneously typing: CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE and then selecting the appropriate options.

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