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3/7/18 4:53 P

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Routine is very important... I can't thrive without mine...

Remember... it's not about the end result, it's all about the journey!

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KMILLER31 Posts: 4,312
1/30/18 9:22 P

Looks like you're off to a great start

1/23/18 1:17 P

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So I was watching "Grace and Franky" the other night... when I occured to me that the character Grace, played by Jane Fonda, gets her tiny tush up, dresses fully, and no doubt makes her bed, before hobbling (yes she hobbles... so do i... but she is in her 70s) downstairs to start her day. I can't remember EVER doing that... in all my life, I jumped up to get kids ready for school... or rush myself to get ready for work. And my days off... lucky if I put sweat pants on... definitely no bra. So I decided to challenge myself with creating a morning routine that is drastically different from my norm.

So my morning started off over sleeping by 1.5 hours... which is okay... I just got out of the hospital the other day and my sleep has been very irregular. But I got up... picked out some cloths... decided on my new jeans... wanted to see how they fitted before going out and about in them. I also picked out a blouse... and very grudenedly a bra... but it is old and over stretched, so it doesn't feel like a true bra, but still follows my "fully dressed" rule... and holds just enough that I can still go out in public without drooping ta-tas.

I threw my pillows back to the top of the bed, flung the sheet and blanket across... bed "made"... okay, not really... but I always make it before I go to bed... don't know why I do that... so I need some practise there... maybe when I finish writing this, I'll give it another shot.

Breakfast... I never eat breakfast... Never!!! I usually don't eat until about 4pm... so this is really gonna be tough. But I had a nice spinach omelet, breakfast sausage and a coffee.

Successful morning... now to gear up for the afternoon... swimming.

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