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KMILLER31 Posts: 4,353
2/6/18 10:32 P

The color of the walls can surely reflect on one's complexion, and if we look better, we feel better

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2/6/18 10:12 A

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Dear Casey,

Let me thank you for help and assistance. You won't believe it, but we came to almost that same compromise you wrote about. Finally!

I can't believe it, but she convinced me that color matters. As a result, my bedroom is in completely white now with yellow curtains while her bedroom is vice verse pure yellow with white curtains and decor XD

But the funniest thing is that I read one of her articles about this color effect and seems it does have a therapeutic effect. Would be great if you could share your thoughts on that matter. Here is the article that worked for me:

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2/5/18 4:30 P

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There's a lot going on in your message. Let me speak to your specific question first. There have been studies done on how the color of a room can affect mood. Here's a link to a Psychology Today article on it:
The effect can be very small, but it is real. It won't ruin your house or anything if you don't take these studies into account when choosing a color.

The second issue is that you seem to think it doesn't matter, but still want to say 'no' to her choices. If they don't matter, then why not let her have the colors she likes? There seems to be more going on in the conversation than just choosing the color for your walls. If it's a disagreement -- you want white and she wants yellow -- then see if you can find a compromise. There are attractive color schemes with with white and yellow walls in the same room, such as one yellow accent wall in a white room. Letting this become a source of quarreling between the two of you means you may want to try more effective means of communicating.

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1/14/18 4:22 P

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My wife is obsessed with a new wallpapering. We start quarreling and can't come to a conclusion if wallpapers should be green, blue or yellow. I'd like to have white-painted walls and she needs yellow with some green shades. The thing is that Shan, my wife, learned a lot while coloring her adult coloring pages. Since that moment she believes in "art therapy", "color therapy" and so on. I can't explain her, that it doesn't matter what color are wallpapers of, the most important is that we have wallpapers, not just bricks in our house. What do you think, is she right? Does this really work? Anyone can confirm that it's really affecting our mood and even health?

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