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11/16/17 9:16 P

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On July 11th 2017- then at 228lbs, 31lbs ago, after my Doctors visit and watching a few Documentaries; Fat sick, Cow Conscious and Food Inc ,too name a few, My mind was made up to go Vegan and use Sparkpeolpe tracker, I even got back into my walk/run routine, up to a 20K on Sundays.

My Vision Statement: Why I wanted to loose weight was to get off of my medications- simvastatin and Levothyroxine, finish a marathon, too look better and able to fit in clothes I like, too be more flexible to work physical jobs and be healthy.

My weight Goals was to be at 194 by November 14th 2017- my Doctors follow- up and to be at 180 by Christmas.

As of Tuesday November 14th 2017 My Follow-up day with Doctor; I lost 31lbs, weighed in at 197, just shy 3lbs of my intermediate goal, breaking from the obesity category two days later at 196 in to the overweight whelm. My Simvastatin was cut in half for my cholesterol, from 20mg to 10mg. Doctor said that our next visit if I continue as I am I will not need any more Simvastatin and my Levothyroxine will be lowered for my hypothyroidism.

I had to move my 180 goal up a month to January 25th, due to too much weight loss too fast.

My target Goal is to be at a normal weight 122-164.

Using sparkpeople helps me in all my needs to loose weight and be healthy, I am presently in stage two of the premium trial period, but have been a member sense 2015, I plan on joining premium membership.

My Vision Statement:
To get off of my medications; Cholesterol statin, Hypothyroid levothyroxine,after effects from statin is hitting my quads and sharp pain in knees, to finish a marathon and too get at my healthy weight at 146lbs, so I can look better and do more things; to be able to work more active jobs, run a marathon, wear better clothes- more of a variety and feel better. To have more energy and get rid of my sleep apnea. I am feeling more energetic and sleeping better.

 Pounds lost: 20.0 
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